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Friday, November 21, 2014

I just can't clean this place.

so, my friend just sent me this video, and i had to laugh outloud.
and then share it.

it happened to come at the perfect time.
my husband, who happens to be the perfect man for me, most of the time ;))),
was just recalling to my brother-in-law, the HORROR he (my husband) felt over the time he dated me, over how my sister and i's bathroom looked.

it was pretty much a mess.
all the time.
(and that might be an understatement actually).

i would blame it ALL on  my sister,
but judging by how pathetic i am now at cleaning the 2 bathrooms in this house,
i know i contributed to the filth.

he must have really fallen hard for me, because he obviously overlooked that discusting bathroom, or else thought he could "fix" me. :))

i love that my man and i are married for 14 years.
i have grown SO, SO much in those 14 years, it is hard to think back to what i was like,
as that 23 year old babe he married. ;)

we can now agree that he has no idea of what my life as a mama to 5 is like
yes, he can watch the kids for a weekend, if i go away.
and can do a really fantastic job at it,
but a weekend is hardly a taste of the everyday nutsiness of this household.

[or that's what i tell myself anyway]  :))

insert. watch this video. and feel free to laugh outloud.

well. maybe.
you are probably only going to think it's funny if you are an overwhelmed mom
that cannot figure out where all the time in your day goes...