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So times are a changing here in the King household. Almost 2 teens live here, and soon to be a bunch of pre-teens to follow. :) Trying to...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

david's song.

you will have to press pause at the end of my blog, to be able to hear this song.
it got at my heart.
at the end of the day.
i may not have all the laundry folded.
shoot. i may not even have my bed made, and i insist that my children do...
there is always dirt on the floor and more toys to put away.
but how did i love?

how did i love my husband?
how did i love my kids?
how did i love on my friends and family?
how is my heart?

how is yours?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a day in pictures.

i can always figure out when it's been too long since i have posted.
my mom calls, and leaves me a message...
saying she doesn't know what's going on in my life anymore,
because i haven't blogged. 


( she is rolling over and sucking on her fists ~all the time~
cooing and laughing....loving it.) 

(everyone is toting her around these days. hmmmm. :) )

(would love to know what big brother is thinking right now...)

(happy days, wouldn't ya say? :) )


(however, kaycee did go to the nurse today for a tummy ache...
i guess it got better, because i never got a call...just in time for our
mountain trip for the weekend...)

and can i say i don't know how in the world single moms do it?
i have been feeling a lot like a single mom these days.
i am very thankful for a husband who has a strong work ethic. i am.
but that doesn't mean that i don't miss him, even when
he is working so hard for us.
i guess i should just shut my mouth and be grateful.
but it's still hard.
he is very, very busy...with chickens (who thankfully aren't here now),
real estate, and a fixer upper house, we purchased
with a business partner
 (to sell again...)
and then fills in his fun things,
like playing hockey and hunting.
makes a girl tired, that's all...

looking forward to a quick trip to the moutains.
to reconnect.

i haven't ever carved pumpkins before.
i am not a big halloween fan to be honest.
but i helped in kaycee's classroom and the kids had so much fun,
i thought we should come home and try it.

they loved it.
i even roasted the seeds tonight.
and get this.
forgot i put them in the oven.
yep. they totally fried. totally.
did i mention i can't find time to exercise or sleep? :)

and just look what matt brought home for dinner.
we were tickled. :)
his first ever bow kill...

( i LOVE how calli is "petting" the dead deer...poor guy.)

and tell me that i will miss this...

because quite frankly it's driving me banana's for the time being...
why in the world is it so hard to keep the butter in the middle of the
butter dish?

and Good News Club started at the PLC last week.
there were about 60 kids.
this week there were 72.
but i need more helpers...
anyone???  :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

randomness. and catch up.

so. if i haven't mentioned before, i will mention it now. this 5 thing is really kickin' in full gear here. i can't seem to catch up on anything. except laundry. and that's a really good day. :) most of the time it has to sit a day or two before it's either a) folded, or b) put away. still trying to enjoy the here and now, because i know it's flying by me faster than ever before.

and no wonder i keep up on the laundry. do you see the cuteness i found in my laundry basket this weekend?

is karolina sleeping thru the night, you ask? no. not really. she really likes to get up and eat at 3 a.m. sometimes 4:30 a.m., but mostly 3 a.m. i have decided it's most of the time okay with me. she's only ever gotton me up once, since she's been bitty...and before i know it she'll be one, and nursing will be gone forever, so...i enjoy. and when i get up in the wee hours to nurse, that means i don't get up for real, when it's still dark outside. yea. that's called sleeping in for me. the 7 or 7:30 a.m. get out of bed. pretty glorious. :)

so, she may not be sleeping thru the night, but she did graduate to a bumbo this weekend. yay karolina. she was watching the eagles...

i am nursing myself back from a horrible case of poison ivy. i guess i thought since i didn't get it ~at all~ this summer, that i wouldn't get it now. so. i pulled some out of my flowerbeds. ooops. and did that in short sleeves and flip flops. ooops. i take calli to the doctors tomorrow for her 3 year check up, and am going to try to pay the doctor off to prescribe me something. we'll see how that goes... it's really bad on both forearms, so everytime i hold karolina, to nurse, or burp, or anything really, it gets irritated all over again. it's very gross.
enough said.

and what happens when your 3 year old doesn't want to take a ask?

she draws pictures of people on her wall.
like the real wall. not the painted chalkboard side of the wall.
 i actually think they are pretty good.

well. and then she loses the fight.
and can't even stay awake to read the bunny book.

and i will leave you with this.
mainly for my sis, meg, because she makes fun of me for dressing
them "matchy" on sunday mornings. oh well.

i love them.
maybe a family picture soon?
matt was in the shower. and i was still in my jammies.
unwilling to put a smile on because of my poison. :(
i am off to bed. good night.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

calli turns 3!

calli turned 3 on tuesday.
she is the fourth child. the third daughter.
she is spunky. full of attitude. she has a lot to say, although we don't
always know what that is. :) she is loving. determined. outgoing.
precious. creative. she loves to color. and paint. and play play dough.
she loves her sisters and brother. will wrestle like a champ.
and will dance too. she loves to sing...although may have inherited her mom's
singing ability...she is a bit sneaky. and tricky.
oh. and she loves. loves. loves to talk on the phone.
our house will be so interesting come, say, 10 years or so? :)

we love you calli ann.
we cannot wait to see what God has in store for your life.
we are thankful we have you.


Monday, October 10, 2011


some are wondering where i have been. why the lack of blog posts?

well...i can honestly say, that having 5 children has settled in. not in a bad way. just it is normal now, and i am whizzing around on a daily basis. i haven't hung out laundry on the line, since karolina has been born, nor used a single coupon. hmmmm. don't know that those are good things, but i am not taking the time out to do them, as i used too...i finished my coffee from breakfast time, at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, and realized i never had breakfast at all this morning. one would think i could be skinny, acting this way...always takes me awhile... :)

(i had to laugh...i love this picture of campbell. she is sandwiched...
on her left is a pregnant belly, due in 2 wks, and right, is pregnant belly... ;) )

karolina will be 3 months old next week, i don't know how? i don't know where in the world the time went, but yeah...she is up more and more each day, (which means less time to get things done), but with that comes being more alert, smiling, and cooing and laughing. very fun. still a snuggler which i love.

 school is back in full force and i am finding my evenings are sucked up by homework, dinner, and caring for my family...

(campbell is 3rd in from the left. standing beside her friend molly.
molly's sister, lily, is in kaden's class at school...)

i am feeling very, very busy, just keeping up with the mundane tasks a stay-at-home mom deals with daily...that would be cooking, cleaning and laundry...
and then add in all the other stuff that fills my life, and well, blogging is getting squeezed out. there just isn't enough time. that's all.

these are all pics from campbell's field trip, that i went along on...
thanks rhonda...

campbell standing beside the scare crow they helped to make.

 hope to post some more pictures soon, as calli turns 3 tomorrow.
 did i mention how fast time is moving? :) ~mk.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

just another day.

you know they say, that by the 3rd and 4th kids, there are never any pictures.
hmmm. i have tried to be intentional with this...i have tried to keep baby books for my kids, and have nice photo albums for each of document life. and stuff.

i get kind of funny. i know life isn't fair, but i do try to make it as "fair" as i can. :)so because i went on kaden and kaycee's preschool apple orchard field trip, well, it would only be right that i went on campbell's. when i asked her if she wanted me to come, she politely said, "no mom. i would like to be brave. you don't need to come." well. hmmm. i almost cried. :) (you know i am always on my high horse about letting my children go...this might have been a good time for me to practice, what i preach...) so then i told her that i really wanted to come, and that i went along with both kaden and kaycee on their field trips...she thought for a minute, and then decided i could come along. yay. for me. (thanks mom for watching karolina and calli, so i could go...)

so, i was prepared. directions out, wallet out, cell phone out, camera out. coffee ready to go. and off we went. and i left the camera on the table. can you believe it? i got my coffee, and left my camera. ugh. so...hopefully one of my friends will pull through and send me some i can document ~her~ first field trip, just like i documented her other siblings field trip to the orchard. :)

all that to say. here are some pics i took today...when i got home of course.

 (karolina grace...11 wks old on sat.)

(calli- 3 next wk. eekkk. with karolina...)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

so fun.

isn't this so fun?
can you totally see me running down to check this out as i get ready in the morning? i totally will. just me. some of them.

what did we do without the internet, anyway? :)