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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

joanna gaines. and a snippet about my thoughts on technology.

so. let's be honest.

technology. i feel like Satan has a field day using techology in our day and age.
sure. there has always been the same problems of our day, as in days gone by.
BUT...i feel as if they are skyrocketing to a whole new level.
Satan has a whole new platform to use, to tear apart families and relationships.

that being said. most of my friends know that matt and i are not a part of facebook.
something we decided years ago.
i remember joining for a brief milisecond, and this barely clothed female popped up on the screen.
as someone we "may" know.
now. i know you can set blocks and all kinds of things.
but this was "enough" for me to say, "no way."
and we both feel good about that decision.

sometimes it feels good to buck the trend. ya know?
we miss out on some things because we are not on facebook.
the world expects you to be "there", so that's how invitations are communicated now.
parties. and family gatherings. and even church things.

what is my point?

well. as much as i hate facebook.
i love instagram. and pinterest.
and surely Satan is using these platforms to tear apart relationships as well.
mainly, i think of women.

women are wired differently from men.
God did that on purpose. i know.
but it's hard for women to not get sucked into comparing. and jealousy.
we struggle with such different things then men.

back to my point.

i came upon this video thru instagram yesterday.
this lady. joanna gaines. and her husband, chip.
they seem like a couple matt and i would get along with.
and maybe the whole world feels that way?
their show is awesome.
we only get to watch a teeny bit when we go to my mom's, when the girls are at ballet.
(but i am going to start watching re-runs on the we go :))

but, i wanted to share it.
she speaks some of my passion for women. and dreams.
watch it.
and maybe their show's called Fixer Upper.

and as much as Satan is using some of these platforms to tear families apart.
God is also using them to reach his people.
how is he using these platforms in your life?

i wonder?