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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back in Session.

School is Back in Session.

I will be the first to tell you, that it takes me, every BIT as long as the kids, to get back into a groove.
I cannot tell you the amount of paperwork I have filled out in the first 2 days  back.

I know. I know.
I chose to have FIVE kids.
I did. I get it.
Why can't an emergency form be the same for all four of them?
Why do I have to manually fill out the same thing x4? When it goes right into a computer anyway?

Talk about frustrating.
I know I stay at home. But this lady has got LOTS better to do, then be filling out duplicate forms, people. :)

We didn't start school until August 31st...which was actually a week later, then most Lancaster county schools in our area. (Chester county schools started later...not sure why?) LOVED partying one week longer than our friends. { However, this will come back to bite us, when they are out a week before us this summer. :)  } are those first day pictures.

2015-2016 school year. Here we come.

Kaden- 6th grade.

Kaycee- 5th grade.

Campbell- 3rd grade

Calli- 1st grade

Has her first day of preschool next week. I will post a pic then. :)) ]

Here is the happy little bunch. PLUS Ava.
She is a friend of Kaycee's that we watch each morning before school.
Please excuse Campbell.
She had just gotton bonked in the head, via Kaden and his metal lunchbox.
There were tears.

There is so much more I could say.
The first day of school is always hard for me.
I always cry.
Usually just in the car, after the last one climbs out.

It's not because I miss them.
The quiet is super nice.
I can clean up the kitchen. And it will stay clean until they return home.
whoop. whoop. :)

It's more because it's a big, scary world out there.
Even in school.
And I am not there.
To interject.
Or explain it another way.
Or tell them to say please and thank you.
Or nudge them in the shoulder to smile.
Or to remind them to chew with their mouth closed.
I am not there to watch over them.
And someone else is.
They are spending more time at school, then at home with me.
And that always pierces my heart.

NOT because I want them home with me.
I know we are called to the public school system.
Just because we are called there, does not always mean it's easy.
Just another part of letting go,
I suppose.

It was a really great first week of school.
Nice to have a holiday weekend though. :)
More partying to be done before Tuesday comes.

and then.
Karolina goes to preschool.

THAT will be super strange.
No children.
be still my heart.

Someone throw me a baby to snuggle.  :))

Happy weekend friends.