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So times are a changing here in the King household. Almost 2 teens live here, and soon to be a bunch of pre-teens to follow. :) Trying to...

Monday, August 26, 2013

first day rambling.

first day of the 2013/2014 school year is done.
never to be experienced again.

whew. :)
kids were a bit nervous.
rightfully so.
but they did great.
i think this was the best first day yet. as far as nerves were concerned.
everyone was in bed and sleeping by goal time, the night before.
which, let me tell you. with 5 kids. rarely happens in this household anyway.
~something~ always goes awry. :)

none of my children got teachers that i knew, or even recognized.
that was a downer.
makes it harder to know what to expect. for me anyway.

kaden was convinced his teacher was "playing nice" on meet the teacher day.
he is now convinced that she "really is nice...she wasn't just playing."
whew. :)
i am always amazed every year at the lack of familiarity of kids in my children's classrooms.
i guess with 8 classrooms per grade, they get mixed up a good bit.
and by the time 8th grade rolls around, that would be the time you would be mixed up with everyone.
and then, you know everyone.

i guess that gives me an opportunity to get to know as many kids as possible.
not that i would be taking notes, or scoping out for future dating relationships.

the motto at my house is: "not until college"
dating relationships are nothing but a distraction.
mommy knows this from personal experience.
so we are going to learn from her mistake, and by-pass boys/girls until college.
it will help you all to think more clearly. :)))

anyway...kaden is not with any of his good friends for any part of the day.
a great opportunity for him to make new friends. which he does pretty easily.
he is like his dad, in that regard.

kaycee did know a couple kids in her class.
which is always great. she is more shy at making friends.

campbell. well. she played at recess by herself.
i got a little bit sad about that, and started questioning her, and she said,
" took me like a week to make kindergarten friends"

well. okay then. why would i worry about it, if she is not worried about it. :))
she is delighted i am letting her stay for a full day of school this year.

thought i would start project get my house clean and organized today.

was running around all day.
did not here the quietness of my house at all. because i was hardly here. :)

will look for that tomorrow.
when project organization starts.

and i finish kaycee's room. :))
[painting has been done...but i "accidentally"  found a bedroom suite at reuzit over the weekend,
and just got it moved up's really heavy...]


Thursday, August 22, 2013

* school takes a lot *

we LOVE this commercial at my house

school DOES take a lot.
and i DO love target.

it's pretty much a good thing there is not one closer.

room reveals coming soon.

turns out i found a quilt, on clearance, [at target, no doubt] for kaden's room.
it looks devine. on his bed.
i LOVE it.

started painting kaycee's room yesterday.
and found comforters, on clearance, [at target again] for their room...

and we got a new bunk bed [guess where] for campbell and calli's room.
and that comes today.
so...we got them new bedspreads too.

here is to a happy. and organized.
[i hope to re-organize my house when the kids get back to school...already started on some projects]
new school year.

meet the teachers we don't know. TODAY.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"come to me"

i have been a part of Moms in Prayer ever since Kaden went to kindergarten. We first met at Highland Baptist Church, right down the road... but now we meet at MY house... very convenient. it's a small group of mom's whose children go to Octorara. it is being intentional about praying for your kids... being intentional about praying scripture over your kids... the school district and it's leaders and teachers... which is so good and necessary i believe... if you have a child in the octorara school district, and would like to come and listen in, please leave me a message, or get a hold of me. we would LOVE to have you... we don't have our start up date planned yet, but i will post it, as soon as i do... the following video is about a conference coming up at sandy cove retreat center. i have never been there, but people rave about it... it's not very far, so i am considering going... wanna go? :)))

Sunday, August 18, 2013

a party at the pond...

it seems like summer is speeding to an end.
trying to squeeze in extra fun stuff every other minute.

yesterday we hosted a Shank party at our pond.
my mom was a Shank.
(so, it was my  mom and her 4 siblings, and their children and their families...
in other words: my first cousins and their kids. :)))
 my grandma Shank died in May...
as sad as it was to be together at her funeral then.
it spurred me on, to make an effort to have something fun to get together for.

almost everyone came,
which meant 60 people...
the adults only ~slightly~ outnumbered the kids.
i was really pleased with the number considering it was summer.
if we were all here, it would have been closer to 80. :)

and i could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

my aunt debbie was snapping pictures.
[i didn't take any. boo. :( ]
thanks debbie.

[from L to R: my cousin, Jeremy, my neice Hope, her dad, my brother, Mark, and my brother, Matt- they are twins. :) if you didn't know...and Matt is holding my cousin, Jeremy's baby, Zachary]

Saturday, August 10, 2013


i LOVE it.

i got a new phone months ago.
and it allows me to take pictures.
love that.

i use the camera feature often.
actually probably daily.
i don't know if that's a good thing, or not?

for those of you unfamiliar with instagram.
allows me to post my pictures on my phone with a few words of description.
if you are a member of instagram, and "follow" me,
it allows you to see my pictures (melissa_erin14)

i have been trying to figure out how to get my instagram pictures on my blog.
for some time now.
and think. i figured it out.

there will be a slideshow feed on the side of my blog now.
and every once in awhile i will do a full post like this.

just more documentation to my days.

our summer has been really great.
one of the best, in my opinion.

the kids have gotton along fairly well.
and we have done a lot.
crammed our days with "stuff"
farm stuff. special stuff. summer stuff.
it's been fun.

i will miss summer.
i will miss the kids and the warm weather.
i will miss the randomness of our days.

the school year brings about routine.
more organization on my part. ugh. yuck. :)
and quiet days for me this school year.

kaden will be in 4th grade, kaycee will be in 3rd, and campbell will be in 1st grade.
calli, will go to preschool, at our church, 3 mornings a week.

it will be very different for me.
just karolina and i a good chunk of the mornings anyway.
it's kind of hard for me to imagine.
adjustment. for us all.

here's to fond memories of the summer.
and bringing in a fabulous new school year soon.

i think i spoke to soon.
my kids are ALL fighting upstairs.
see you. :))