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So times are a changing here in the King household. Almost 2 teens live here, and soon to be a bunch of pre-teens to follow. :) Trying to...

Monday, April 22, 2013

matt's progress.

matt continues to do well.
his staples and stitches were taken out on friday.
his brace was also unlocked, so he can bend his knee as he is able.
he is also allowed to take his brace off to sleep.
(i think that's a bit early. he's glad i am not his *real* doctor or therapist). :)
but that is allowing him to sleep a little bit better.
he was also switched from narcotics to another less intense med,
so he is able to drive if he needs too,
which has been a great help already this morning. :)

a continued thank you to all who are helping us survive this season.
i say survive because that is what we are doing.
we are trying to live thru it well.
but somdays it is challenging.
i will be the first to say:
there are days where i don't have enough energy to shower. for pete's sake.
my flower beds are full of weeds.
so is my garden.
my windows are still  mostly clean. :)
my laundry is up to speed.
i do make it to the grocery store.
my meals have not been great.
i count it as awesome that we all eat. and exercise.
and are bathed and clothed pretty much
on a daily basis. :)
chickens are happy and taken care of.
feed spill is fixed.
my bed is not made.
sink is full of dishes.
i am off to run errands.
my floors are filthy...although my mother in law was sweeping them for me this morning. :)
kids homework is done and handed in on time.
baseball games are being played.
piano is rarely being practiced.
yard sale finds sitting on my table.
yes...i got to go to my favorite yard sale of every year!!!!
praise and worship music rings thru my house.
we can't find a library book.
bills just got paid.
my desk is a total mess.
i am tired.

thanks for hearing me this day.

i wonder how much different my list looks than most of yours.
maybe a lot. maybe not?
hope yours in GRAND. :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


so. it turns out i thought i was "busy" before matt's surgery.
i realize now that i didn't know what busy really meant.

my head is spinning most days.
i don't have much "spare" time.
blogging and some other things will just have to wait.
i used to think i could "make" time for whatever was a priority.
and while that is still true to a degree.
i am finding i don't always have any extra time to fit things into.
even priority's.
if that even makes sense?

all that to say. i will catch the blog up soon.
pictures too.

matt is doing well.
hope for staples to come out friday.
still not driving,
and has a crazy amount of settlements and real estate appointments this week.
which is a good thing, but...
lots of driving him around.

i am thankful to those who have helped with that.
or helped with childcare so i can attend therapies and surgeon follow up appointments.

part of the not driving thing is sure, that he is still on narcotics for pain relief.
the other part, which i am not sure he completely understands,  is that if he is unable to drive...
that that will encourage staying home and resting, with his leg elevated.

he knows now that it makes a big difference in the amount of swelling in his leg...
the days he has appointments all day. and the days he is home keeping his leg elevated.
it is a frustrating balance.
just because he  feels "good enough" to drive...
doesn't mean that that is the "best" thing for him right now...

does that make sense?

this first week was very crucial to his healing success...
i think he did a great job, for the most part...
he didn't go inside the chicken houses (until today)  :)
i was hoping to keep him out of there until his staples are out...
we cannot afford for his knee to get infected. believe me. :)

not that he is out of the woods by any means...
thank you again for your prayers.
every one counts and is felt. :)
i am sure of it. i am still standing.
and still have a smile on my face sometimes.
eat chicken!!!
i am thankful for a hard working husband who works so labor intensively for us.
i will be very thankful when it's him again, and not me.
i love to do whatever i can to help him.
but i have no problem staying in the house and cooking and cleaning. :)
have a great day...

Monday, April 15, 2013

a pick me up.

so i needed a pick me up this morning.
even if it had to come from a johnson's baby commercial. 


Friday, April 12, 2013


a teeny update on matt  for those who check here for that. 

it has been going very well.

he has been much, much less cranky than i was expecting. :)
i know there is plenty of time for that to come.
but i have been loving my happy patient.

had another therapy session today. and a follow up with the surgeon.
will continue on percocet for pain. for at least another week.
his pain is very well managed. he is not having a lot.
huge praise.

wrap and bandages came off today, and may stay off.

brace must be worn at all times.
(minus the shower).
he was cleared to shower today.
that would make anyone feel better, eigh? :)
no driving for at least another week.

he does not have to use the crutches anymore.
but i think he feels safest when he does...
and may now put as much weight on it as he can tolerate.
another praise. :)

so the craziness continues.
thank you so much for your prayers and care.

it is so special to know people are praying me thru the days.
there are some where i don't think i can manage another step...but
i keep repeating to myself that the Lord does not give us more than we can handle...

i am trying to smile a lot.
the sunshine sure was helping.
i don't like farming in the cold and rain.
i got soaked a few times today. :)

thank you again.
we are so blessed.

p.s. he was able to make it up the stairs to bed  to sleep. (friday night)
first time in 4 days to sleep in a bed.
it's the little things. :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

surgery is *over*

matt's ACL reconstruction surgery is over.
one hurdle done.

went well. looks great.
comfy on the couch with pain meds and ice,
on the phone and lap top finegeling real estate deals as we speak. :(

he really doesn't know how to rest. :)

chickens, cows, steers and bull are still alive. happy. and fed.

first therapy tomorrow afternoon.
should be well medicated thru friday. :)

thanks for all of your prayers.
keep praying for this recovery period.
matt really needs to heed the instructions. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013


a little over a year ago, matt was playing kickball with the kids.
at the King family Christmas dinner and tore his meniscus and his ACL.

we were advised not to do surgery, although, i thought long and hard about that...

a little over 2 weeks ago, he was playing rec league volleyball,
and tore his ACL again. boo. :(

ACL reconstruction surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, tuesday, April 9th.

my main prayer concerns at this point, of course, are for wisdom for the surgeon...
an uncomplicated surgery, uncomplicated, quick recovery,
and a happy patient. :)

it will be interesting.
matt is expecting to be able to walk down to the chicken house to "show" me what to do. :)

i think he is underestimating a little bit, how much he is not going to feel good.
but i am not going to tell him that. just yet. :)

[let's remember i was a physical therapist assistant.
and have re-habed a decent amount of ACLs.]

my main goal and intention is for him to stay OUT of the chicken houses for at least 5 days...
the last thing we need is for his knee to get infected....
which basically means i get to take orders for a bit.
and work a little harder.

kids have half days most of the week...along with pssa testing for kaden.
the teachers get those kids sooooo nervous.
so. you might as well pray for kaden too. :)

i tried to go against the current and tell him that it's NOT the biggest test he is ever going to take.
that infact, would be life.
but. he didn't buy it.
mrs. lynch has so much power. i wonder if she knows it? :)
he takes anything his teachers say, anyday, over me....
my hope his that he can relax, and focus, and do his best by making wise choices.
the same prayer i pray for him every test he takes.

back to focus here...
please join me in praying for matt to rest.
rest means no work. :)
which is why it really is imperative the surgery happens now...
to quick squeeze in months of rehab so he is ready for the crazy busy spring and summer
his crop farming entails.

and to stay out of those smelly, dusty, dirty chicken houses. :)

my i can't get any photos off my phone. :(
i don't know what's up....there sure will be a load when it happens...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

John 1:5

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can
 ~never~ overcome it."  John 1:5

that's all for this Sunday.
reminded that God can do whatever he wants.
and will bring beauty from ashes.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

best ever chocolate chip cookies.

so. earlier today i instagrammed some cookies i made today.
a recipe i got off of pinterest.
and they were *the best* ever.
really. good.

you can find the recipe here.

i will upload my pictures later.
isn't it amazing how this gorgeous weather just *brings* people outside.

the playground and sports fields were busy all day long.

we had a great day.
ate waaaayyyy too many cookies. started cleaning out the playhouse. started working in the flower beds.
played catch. went to the playground. had a friend over to play. took lots of pictures....
laughed at karolina...her character is really shining thru, and i LOVE her. she is very funny.

and the normal stuff my day consists of: like laundry, cleaning and cooking.
yee. haa.

how about was your day?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013.

(my apologies for this blog was set up correctly on my drafts page.
and as soon as i published it, the pictures and words went all crazy on me...
i tried to fix it about 5x now.
and it won't fix. :) so. i am DONE with it. :)   )

Brrrrr. bring back the warm temperatures please. :)

some pics of Easter...
unfortunately we didn't get a family picture this year.
boo. on us. :(

as i mentioned previously,
we got chicks again on wed. and thur. of last week.
i was hoping to get some easter chick pictures...but it's been so windy around here.
i didn't bother. yet.
no need to get our chicks sick. lol.

 photo march2013592_zpsca51ed92.jpg
(calli was teaching the peep how to was hilarious to listen to her...)

 photo march2013579_zps2f006e65.jpg
(calli is proud of her finds...)

 photo march2013578_zps61ba2c4d.jpg
(there are always great spots to hide eggs at my parents house).  :)

 photo march2013606_zpse2edb0c4.jpg
(gorgeous daffodils from my mother-in-law)

 photo march2013608_zps21150c26.jpg
(kaycee is begging to do gymnastics...i keep putting her off.  :(  )

 photo march2013601_zps188c3e6d.jpg
(i made these egg rice krispie treats for campbell's class...
they turned out really cute...)

 photo march2013581_zps07be0fe2.jpg
(nephew ezra with niece piper...she was sharing her candy...)

hoping your Easter was filled with much happiness and reflection.
a friend sent me this to watch.
i loved it.
i have watched it over and over again...

*lance and chelsea*

okay. so we had a most fabulous time in chile.
but while we were there, my cousin, chelsea, got married.
boo. that i wasn't there.

chelsea just sent me this little video.
so, now i am sharing it with you...

my brother matt married them.
so that always makes things a little more special.

you do know that i am a 'hang on the coat tails' kinda girl.
so. i am hangin' here. ;)

i have yet to put a package together and stick in the mail
headed directly to lance and chelsea's new home in GEORGIA...
but soon. i promise. :)

look for it soon chels!!

and thanks for sharing your special day with me. :)