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Monday, April 8, 2013


a little over a year ago, matt was playing kickball with the kids.
at the King family Christmas dinner and tore his meniscus and his ACL.

we were advised not to do surgery, although, i thought long and hard about that...

a little over 2 weeks ago, he was playing rec league volleyball,
and tore his ACL again. boo. :(

ACL reconstruction surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, tuesday, April 9th.

my main prayer concerns at this point, of course, are for wisdom for the surgeon...
an uncomplicated surgery, uncomplicated, quick recovery,
and a happy patient. :)

it will be interesting.
matt is expecting to be able to walk down to the chicken house to "show" me what to do. :)

i think he is underestimating a little bit, how much he is not going to feel good.
but i am not going to tell him that. just yet. :)

[let's remember i was a physical therapist assistant.
and have re-habed a decent amount of ACLs.]

my main goal and intention is for him to stay OUT of the chicken houses for at least 5 days...
the last thing we need is for his knee to get infected....
which basically means i get to take orders for a bit.
and work a little harder.

kids have half days most of the week...along with pssa testing for kaden.
the teachers get those kids sooooo nervous.
so. you might as well pray for kaden too. :)

i tried to go against the current and tell him that it's NOT the biggest test he is ever going to take.
that infact, would be life.
but. he didn't buy it.
mrs. lynch has so much power. i wonder if she knows it? :)
he takes anything his teachers say, anyday, over me....
my hope his that he can relax, and focus, and do his best by making wise choices.
the same prayer i pray for him every test he takes.

back to focus here...
please join me in praying for matt to rest.
rest means no work. :)
which is why it really is imperative the surgery happens now...
to quick squeeze in months of rehab so he is ready for the crazy busy spring and summer
his crop farming entails.

and to stay out of those smelly, dusty, dirty chicken houses. :)

my i can't get any photos off my phone. :(
i don't know what's up....there sure will be a load when it happens...


Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

will be praying and thinking of you this week! :)

mom mom Susan said...

Praying for Matt and you as you take an unknown journey this week. My thoughts for Kaden is that he relax and just do his best. WOW the pressure put on our young people today. BLESSINGS!

Shelby said...

Oh man that stinks, will be praying for wisdom for the doctors and strength for the whole family. Also, for the knee to heal without any complications. Please, if you need anything or help with the kids call me. I am just right around the corner;) Grocery shopping, cleaning or really anything. BLESSINGS my friends.

heidiann(e) said...

prayers and thoughts with you all, especially today.
love, and His peace to you.