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So times are a changing here in the King household. Almost 2 teens live here, and soon to be a bunch of pre-teens to follow. :) Trying to...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

karolina grace...a sneek peek at 12 hours old.

my brothers came to visit karolina on saturday afternoon.
thanks for all the pics mark. i love them.
here is what he captured.

overdue perhaps? peely, wrinkly toes.

Friday, July 29, 2011

the pond.

the pond has been a fun project...i was able to finish painting all the furniture we inherited from our friend, nik, who took off to the dominican republic for some missionary work, for a year...that's another post, but anyway, finished painting...a couple days before karolina was born. actually matt may have had to do some final touch up work...i keep forgetting to ask, but regardless, i am very, very pleased with how it turned out...

the pond is going to be a fun, fun place for our family to enjoy and retreat too. a peaceful place to sit and enjoy. matt was reading the paper down there this week, as he listened to the chirping bull frogs. :)

karolina and i walked down on wednesday to watch the rest of the family enjoying it...matt got some pictures with his phone. :) so...they are not so great...but i am down with being real about how i look these days. :) our friends and neighbors the Yerkes' just got this spring wagon...and chris came to our small group picnic the other week...i believe it was 2 days before my due date...maybe? i lost track of time...anyway...he was giving us all rides.  i thought this picture a crack up. it's nice to see i look a little bit smaller now. :)

so...there you have it. somehow i changed the font color...oh well.
karolina had a great night. went to bed at 10 pm, and i woke her to feed her at 3 am.
not normal. but i will take it for one night. :) or many if she chooses. :)
i actually feel much better now that she is here.
i felt much more tired being pregnant, than i do now...
yay. i love her. i love them all. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


we are doing so good.
matt is being very, very helpful, which is helping this transition to
go as smoothly as it can. :)
i also know she is only 3 days old, and i could
change my mind about this transition by tomorrow. :)
and i love that it is summer, so the kids can go outside when
they are getting too stir crazy inside, and...
well...karolina is just a dream.
she is very content so far.
we are so blessed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

happy 8th birthday kaden.

my first born turned 8 years old today.
i absolutely cannot believe it.

for real.
where does time go anyway?

i was concerned how this birthday thing would go.
as karolina arrived yesterday.
but kaden is a rockstar,
having a great day.

i think he is enjoying being here with matt and i and karolina by himself.
(the girls are still at my parents).

we've had a relaxing day.
opened presents.
pizza for lunch, with matt's parents.
watched the phillies and some skateboarding.

and quality time getting to know karolina...

you are such a fun kid.
you rally a lot. you adjust to life when things don't go your way.
i loved spending the day with you today.
you are talking more and more like a little man.
it's hard for me to believe.

you have been such a helper to mommy already today.
thank you.
you are a great son.
i love your snuggles. still.
you have grown so much this year in so many ways.
it's been fun watching you "do" life.
you are a great friend. and brother.
i loved watching you snuggle with karolina already.

i pray we will always have a special relationship as mother and son.
(and your dad and you too).
and that you will always love on your sisters.

we pray for God's protection over your life.
and cannot wait to continue to see how it unfolds.
love you always.
                                                ~mommy...for daddy too.

here's some more getting to know karolina:

happy birthday kaden...
we love you.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

she's here.

i am not kidding.
she's totally here.
and we are

with her presence already.

(of course that is easier,
when your other four kids have been wisked away...
thanks moms and dads)  :)

i am so thankful she is here.
and healthy and content and totally beautiful.

my contractions started at midnight last night,
and she was born, in the water, at 3:32 a.m. this morning.
she weighed 8 lbs. 2 oz. and was 21 1/4 inches long.
she looks the most like calli...
which means daddy too. :)

we are all doing great.
thank you so much for your prayers and concern...

my sick kids seem to be feeling much better,
and the other 2 have not gotton anything ~yet~
thank you Jesus.
and continue to protect them from this fast moving sickness.

thank you Jesus for

~karolina grace~

for her life, and presence.
i pray she would continue to nurse well,
that she would continue to be a content little girl,
filled with the joy of the Lord.
i pray for a quick recovery for me too.  :)

i am so tickled she is here.
here are a few pics,
probably taken about 15 minutes after she was born...

check out her chunky little face...

i love expression...talking to karolina.

and i really love this.
karolina checking out her daddy...
we were talking about it minutes after she was born.
it's such a wild, miraculous experience.
what is she thinking?

okay. so not the best little family shot.
but i totally love karolina's little frowny.
i honestly don't remember her crying there, but i guess she must have. :)


Friday, July 22, 2011

we're sick.

okay. so. i lied.
i am now asking you to pray for us when you think of us.
i was up with kaden most of the night last night
because he was throwing up...
and well...i wasn't feeling so good myself.

so...we rested today.

and he seems like he is getting better.
keeping gingerale down now and toast.
it's the little things, right? :) threw up.
so...i am dreading another night up with a throwing up kid.
(i really hate throw up...really)
and am now thinking it's just going to go thru the ranks.
boo. hoo.

kaden's 8th birthday is Sunday.
hhhhmmmmm. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a mother's prayer for week 40.

okay. so. this is it.
i think this is my last post.
before. the BIG post.
announcing our new arrival.
you are all sick of hearing about how late i am.
and how nothing is happening.
and i am sick of dwelling on the painful part of what is to come.
before. the BIG exciting post.
so...we will end on this note.

my hampers have never been empty everyday.
until now.
my to do list.
has never been so checked off.
until now.
granted there will always be stuff on that list.
but really. it has shrunk.
my kitchen is cleaned everynight before bed. that night is ~the~ night.

the nursery is ready and waiting.
for pete's sake, my diaper bag is picked out of my stash.
and stocked. ;)
the swing is waiting and ready...with a doll in it most of the time,
but still.

we are excited and just can't wait. :)

dear Lord,
this week was the week of my due date. i thank you for helping me make it to full term in my pregnancy. i am looking forward to welcoming my baby into our home. Lord, please help my baby come at just the right time. ( no worries there, cause if i was in charge, she would be here by now...) :)
bless my labor and delivery. give the midwife and nurse wisdom to make all the right decisions. help me be strong during delivery. help me trust in you. i pray that your sweet presence would fill the room with joy as i deliver the baby and we welcome her into this world.

Lord, i know you are a good God, and i choose to put my trust in You. be with me now and every moment of the day. let me be aware of Your presence with  me. reveal Yourself more to me so i can know You and love You more.

Thank you, Lord
In Jesus' name. amen.

(taken from: Praying through your pregnancy
by: jennifer polimino and carolyn warren)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


so my midwife said to me yesterday,
"keep your spirits up."
yes...i know, i thought.
can my spirits be up, and i still feel a twang of disappointment?

i think so.

i dreamed of delivering my 5th baby early.
my due date has now come and gone.
as usual.
no surprises there.
but i still dreamed.
that's what girls do, right?

and while this pregnancy has mirrored my others in many ways.
this part is's different.
i am not dialating as quickly as i usually do.
(i usually walk around for a couple weeks pretty dialated)
which means i am getting a teeny bit uneasy about how things might go.

what if this labor and delivery thing is long and drawn out?
i tend to think i am a champ at delivering babies,
but that is simply because my labors are *usually* short and sweet.
(by short i mean 2-4 hours...and by sweet...i mean ~anyone~
can handle ~anything~ for 2-4 hours. it's a drop in the bucket, right? ) :)
i do, in general, get a kick out of ladies who ask if your labor was "easy".
what does that mean exactly?
because i am more quiet and focused and not screaming and yelling,
is that what makes some think my labor was "easy".
just curious?
and maybe i really do have "easy" labors and deliveries.
i guess it doesn't really matter, now does it?
most of us go back and do it all over again.
bottom line.
kids are worth it.
they just are. :)

so, with that being said.
i am keep on keeping on.
trying to keep the smile on my face.
weeding, painting, entertaining, as if nothing is going to change anytime soon.

and when it does.
boy. will i be glad it's over.

 i *love* this picture. doesn't it say a thousand words?
i think it's hilarious.
this is how i feel about now.

p.s. stress test on friday.
then we will begin talking "induction" tactics.
i just wanna go to the beach.


Friday, July 15, 2011

thanks guys.

thank you all for your prayers concerning baby and me's ultrasound for this afternoon. all looks great! she was sucking on her hand much of the time. the tech printed out a gazillion pictures for me.  looks like she might just be tiny featured like most of her sisters, that's all. :) now...just to persuade her to come on 7 lbs. instead of 8 or 9, which another week or two could do. :) or else i should live on lettuce i guess? ;) here's to celebrating a healthy baby. ~mk.

but those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint.    isaiah 40:31.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

scheduled ultrasound.

so i did have a baby appointment yesterday.
nothing ~much~ going on...
surprise. surprise. :)

i am however, due in just 3 days,
and the baby is still only measuring at 34 weeks.
so...i am having an ultrasound on friday afternoon.

i struggled and struggled with the decision...
(i had 4 ultrasounds with campbell, for the same reason...
the babe kept measuring the same, but...she was fine.
just my tiniest baby at 7 lbs. 12 oz.
i know...not even tiny. :) )
which i guess is why i struggled so much with the decision...

anyway...i would love it if you would cover the baby and i in prayer.
i am trusting the Lord is protecting us.
that she is safe and healthy in there,
and there is nothing to be concerned about.
we are in His hands. ~always~

be strong and courageous. don't be terrified or afraid.
for it is the Lord your God who goes with you;
He will not leave you or forsake you.
He will be with you.
do not be afraid or discouraged.

Deuteronomy 31:6, 8.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

update on kaden...

thank you for those of you who are praying
for our 7 year old son, Kaden's, leg...
which was hurt in a four wheeler incident on sat. afternoon.

it is looking soooo much better already.
the healing that is taking place is unbelievable.
he has slept thru the night the last 2 nights...
with the help of some tylenol, but still...

our days are spent reading and in front of the tv :(
but no more crying and moaning for the most part.

i continue to pray against infection,
and you can join me in that,
but i am encouraged by what i see thus far.
~thanks~ mk.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

this mothering thing...

is not for the faint of heart.
that is for sure.

we started out our weekend great.
went to some family fun festivals in gap and quarryville.

the girls the pony rides.
my apologies for the pics...i really should have cropped them a bit...
just didn't take the time. :(

i just love the expressions on all of their faces.
all of my girls are just so different...
it's neat to catch it on camera, even if they are bad pictures.

campbell was the only one who got her face painted.
we ran out of time...
moppy was taking them around and around and around
to the different stations while matt and i chatted. :)

but it's a great butterfly, don't you think?
will copy it the next time i face paint for sure.

the weekend ended on a downer.
the next picture is a little bit...hmmm. gross.

kaden (almost 8) and his cousin, noah (almost 10), 
 were riding 4 wheeler on saturday.
and well. had a little incident.

***i did mention on my last post about all the miracles that happen here.
this was just another. :) ***

kaden's version was, " noah was driving like a maniac and i told him to stop."
noah's version was, "kaden wasn't hanging on tight enough."
so...this is what we got.

a very raw looking calf for kaden.
i am hoping it is a good learning experience. :(
it is very, very sore.
there is a lot of crying and moaning throughout the day,
and minimal sleeping at night.
(the Lord is again preparing me for a nursing baby. :) )

we've talked about the miracle it was that no one was
~seriously~ hurt, and that the Lord protected them.

i guess this is why i have girls.
it seems their toys are a bit less dangerous, no matter how you drive.

kaden did tolerate the pool for about a half hour today.
Praise the Lord.
putting medicine on him, is the worst ever...
so i am hoping the chlorine will help me out.

regardless, pray for better sleep tonight.
and quick healing.

gotta run.
i hear some activity upstairs...
it's supposed to be nap time. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

*more piper*

surprise. surprise.
i just cannot get enough of this cute little  peanut.
she is too precious.
took the kiddos to visit their newest cousin- piper, and jaiden and reese today.

calli and campbell were the most hilarious.
calli would try to "shush" baby piper anytime she made a squeal...
or quiet her by touching her hair, and shoving the nuk in her mouth...
campbell did a little of the same...
i did not trust either of them for a second to be alone with her...
even if she was strapped in the swing. :)

kaden didn't seem to be too interested, but did say on the way
home he can't wait to hold "our" baby sister,
and kaycee well she was just plain shy.

             (calli- 2 1/2)                                                          (kaycee- 6 1/2)
                                                        (campbell- 4)

                                                     (kaden- almost 8)

( and me...all with piper at 5 days old)

maybe the next time we see them,
i will have a new baby.
maybe not. :)

did i mention that we are thankful we live on a farm recently? :)

at one point, kaycee and calli were outside playing in the sandbox
in the back yard.
(which is small and fenced in).
about 15 minutes or so had passed, and kaycee returned inside,
and i asked if she left calli outside alone...
she told me calli had "disappeared" awhile ago.
(kaycee normally is a bit better than this with her babysitting...
she was sort of "off" today...i don't know...)

my heart raced a teeny bit,
and when i went outside,
i saw the back gate was hanging wide open.
unbelievable that she was able to move the trash cans out of the way
of the gate...for children blocking purposes...and even undue
the latch, but...she did.

meg hit the front door, and we found her on the sidewalk
out front blowing bubbles.
thankful for another miracle...
(i have about a million miracles a day, around here.) :)
mainly that she wasn't stopping traffic in the middle of
downtown Lancaster...
us country folks don't know about city streets, you know...

gotta run.
calli set up a tea party for kaycee and i.
~campbell is away with moppy,
and kaden and daddy went to the gun store.~ :)

happy friday.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


just a reminder...

a police man stopped a friend, who was coming in our driveway today, around lunchtime, in search of a man, who was dressed a certain way. i tried not to think much about it, until 2 hours later, when i was doing the lunch dishes, and the kids were waiting in the car, to head to a neighbors pool, and a cop car came speeding in my driveway, and whipped around by our coverall building, checking something out in our pasture, down by the pond. i quickly yelled for matt, but by the time he got out there, the cop car was gone...

we haven't heard much, other than a neighbor, (good 'ol bob),  did talk to a state trooper, who wouldn't talk about "it" but said they think they got their guy. whew. i try not to live in a state of fear, but locked my doors tonight, just in case...can't help but wonder what in the world was going on.

and then remembered on my walk this morning, up and down the drive, over and over, that i specifically prayed for protection over our property, for angels to protect those who live here, and work here, and for safety for those who find themselves on our property.

thank you Jesus for protecting my family today...and bringing my earlier prayer to my recollection...i pray for safety tonight and tomorrow and the days that follow as Jesus name. amen.   ~mk.

Monday, July 4, 2011

my newest neice...

*piper erin burkholder*
(my sister's little girl...who was due on june 30th)
arrived on sunday night, july 3rd...
on my nephew, (her cousin), ezra's, 12th birthday.

isn't she just too precious?
such a petite little thing...
(although she weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz.)
i think she looks like her auntie melissa erin...what do ya think? :)

very proud of my sister megan.
she has never NOT had an epidural, until last night.

i knew she really wanted to "try" labor without one...
and it took all she had to actually go thru with that decision...
 i think she is glad she did, and i am so thankful she was able
to have such a great birth experience.

congrats chris and meg!!
 on such a beautiful addition to your family.
blessings as you adjust to the change that sweet little
piper will bring to your family...

be strong and courageous. don't be terrified or afraid. for it is the Lord our God who goes with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. He will be with you. do not be afraid or discouraged.
Deuteronomy 31:6,8

Friday, July 1, 2011

*new* furniture.

well. first off. let's start by saying i was at the midwives office
 *today* and well...
there is absolutely *nothing* going on inside my body.

inside, meaning nothing is going on inside to prepare
for this peanut to make her way to the outside.

i know. 2 weeks early.
was i really thinking anything would be going on?
hoping. that's all.

i think it's all genetic.
i am genetically predispositioned to have late babies. :)
shouldn't i have been a doctor, or geneticist, or something?
that's all.
bottom line.
my walking an hour a day.
my swimming and doing jumping jacks and aerobics in the water.
(when no one is watching but my kids...:) )
my pill popping and tea drinking.
the things i am not mentioning.
all of it.
i am not convinced that any of it will help me have an early baby.
i do it. i guess to be a good patient.
and hope for the best. :)

so...i cheered myself up with an m & m mcflurry.
we all know i have eating issues.
like...i can't say no to ice cream when it's hot,

also predicting my baby is tiny.
but babies are usually tiny now, eigh?
that's why i want to have my baby now.
i think it would be a dream to have a 5 or 6 pounder.

give me the extra month i will probably have,
and that's where i cook up my 7 or 8 or 9 pounders. :)

on to better news.
we inherited some new furniture for around our pond.
here it is.

now...i just need to go buy some paint...
guess i will get around to my whole "to do list" afterall. :)

our friends, nik and laura, came over. the furniture came from nik. she is moving to the dominican republic for a year...and laura...i don't know what her future plans hold, but we had an evening by the pond...

i love the picture of matt and i...the smoke from the fire is cool, eigh? :)

this was the night kaden was on his fishing trip
                with his poppy.

can't really hang out by the pond without smores.
can ya?

and this picture.
well. it's totally hick. but. it's kinda cool.
no forewarning and stuff. :)

happy 4th of july weekend.
here's to cheering on my sister, meg, to pop out her baby.