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Sunday, July 10, 2011

this mothering thing...

is not for the faint of heart.
that is for sure.

we started out our weekend great.
went to some family fun festivals in gap and quarryville.

the girls the pony rides.
my apologies for the pics...i really should have cropped them a bit...
just didn't take the time. :(

i just love the expressions on all of their faces.
all of my girls are just so different...
it's neat to catch it on camera, even if they are bad pictures.

campbell was the only one who got her face painted.
we ran out of time...
moppy was taking them around and around and around
to the different stations while matt and i chatted. :)

but it's a great butterfly, don't you think?
will copy it the next time i face paint for sure.

the weekend ended on a downer.
the next picture is a little bit...hmmm. gross.

kaden (almost 8) and his cousin, noah (almost 10), 
 were riding 4 wheeler on saturday.
and well. had a little incident.

***i did mention on my last post about all the miracles that happen here.
this was just another. :) ***

kaden's version was, " noah was driving like a maniac and i told him to stop."
noah's version was, "kaden wasn't hanging on tight enough."
so...this is what we got.

a very raw looking calf for kaden.
i am hoping it is a good learning experience. :(
it is very, very sore.
there is a lot of crying and moaning throughout the day,
and minimal sleeping at night.
(the Lord is again preparing me for a nursing baby. :) )

we've talked about the miracle it was that no one was
~seriously~ hurt, and that the Lord protected them.

i guess this is why i have girls.
it seems their toys are a bit less dangerous, no matter how you drive.

kaden did tolerate the pool for about a half hour today.
Praise the Lord.
putting medicine on him, is the worst ever...
so i am hoping the chlorine will help me out.

regardless, pray for better sleep tonight.
and quick healing.

gotta run.
i hear some activity upstairs...
it's supposed to be nap time. :)

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