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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


just a reminder...

a police man stopped a friend, who was coming in our driveway today, around lunchtime, in search of a man, who was dressed a certain way. i tried not to think much about it, until 2 hours later, when i was doing the lunch dishes, and the kids were waiting in the car, to head to a neighbors pool, and a cop car came speeding in my driveway, and whipped around by our coverall building, checking something out in our pasture, down by the pond. i quickly yelled for matt, but by the time he got out there, the cop car was gone...

we haven't heard much, other than a neighbor, (good 'ol bob),  did talk to a state trooper, who wouldn't talk about "it" but said they think they got their guy. whew. i try not to live in a state of fear, but locked my doors tonight, just in case...can't help but wonder what in the world was going on.

and then remembered on my walk this morning, up and down the drive, over and over, that i specifically prayed for protection over our property, for angels to protect those who live here, and work here, and for safety for those who find themselves on our property.

thank you Jesus for protecting my family today...and bringing my earlier prayer to my recollection...i pray for safety tonight and tomorrow and the days that follow as Jesus name. amen.   ~mk.


Ang Stoltzfus said...

wowsers mis!
kinda crazy. i do feel so "at peace" after i pray those kinds of prayers & trust that God indeed will protect us. i'm so thankful that HE was watching over all of you...(& always is).

I hope you had fun today. I'm sure you are 5 shades darker than you already were....=)
love it!

only 10 more days girl!!! yay!

Anonymous said...

hum....kind of creepy,huh? so glad you're a praying woman! love the pictures of you and pip too....what a peach!
love you