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Sunday, July 24, 2011

happy 8th birthday kaden.

my first born turned 8 years old today.
i absolutely cannot believe it.

for real.
where does time go anyway?

i was concerned how this birthday thing would go.
as karolina arrived yesterday.
but kaden is a rockstar,
having a great day.

i think he is enjoying being here with matt and i and karolina by himself.
(the girls are still at my parents).

we've had a relaxing day.
opened presents.
pizza for lunch, with matt's parents.
watched the phillies and some skateboarding.

and quality time getting to know karolina...

you are such a fun kid.
you rally a lot. you adjust to life when things don't go your way.
i loved spending the day with you today.
you are talking more and more like a little man.
it's hard for me to believe.

you have been such a helper to mommy already today.
thank you.
you are a great son.
i love your snuggles. still.
you have grown so much this year in so many ways.
it's been fun watching you "do" life.
you are a great friend. and brother.
i loved watching you snuggle with karolina already.

i pray we will always have a special relationship as mother and son.
(and your dad and you too).
and that you will always love on your sisters.

we pray for God's protection over your life.
and cannot wait to continue to see how it unfolds.
love you always.
                                                ~mommy...for daddy too.

here's some more getting to know karolina:

happy birthday kaden...
we love you.

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