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Friday, July 8, 2011

*more piper*

surprise. surprise.
i just cannot get enough of this cute little  peanut.
she is too precious.
took the kiddos to visit their newest cousin- piper, and jaiden and reese today.

calli and campbell were the most hilarious.
calli would try to "shush" baby piper anytime she made a squeal...
or quiet her by touching her hair, and shoving the nuk in her mouth...
campbell did a little of the same...
i did not trust either of them for a second to be alone with her...
even if she was strapped in the swing. :)

kaden didn't seem to be too interested, but did say on the way
home he can't wait to hold "our" baby sister,
and kaycee well she was just plain shy.

             (calli- 2 1/2)                                                          (kaycee- 6 1/2)
                                                        (campbell- 4)

                                                     (kaden- almost 8)

( and me...all with piper at 5 days old)

maybe the next time we see them,
i will have a new baby.
maybe not. :)

did i mention that we are thankful we live on a farm recently? :)

at one point, kaycee and calli were outside playing in the sandbox
in the back yard.
(which is small and fenced in).
about 15 minutes or so had passed, and kaycee returned inside,
and i asked if she left calli outside alone...
she told me calli had "disappeared" awhile ago.
(kaycee normally is a bit better than this with her babysitting...
she was sort of "off" today...i don't know...)

my heart raced a teeny bit,
and when i went outside,
i saw the back gate was hanging wide open.
unbelievable that she was able to move the trash cans out of the way
of the gate...for children blocking purposes...and even undue
the latch, but...she did.

meg hit the front door, and we found her on the sidewalk
out front blowing bubbles.
thankful for another miracle...
(i have about a million miracles a day, around here.) :)
mainly that she wasn't stopping traffic in the middle of
downtown Lancaster...
us country folks don't know about city streets, you know...

gotta run.
calli set up a tea party for kaycee and i.
~campbell is away with moppy,
and kaden and daddy went to the gun store.~ :)

happy friday.


mom mom Susan said...

LOVE reading about your adventures! I am praying for your precious baby - she will come in "God's" time. Blessings!

Shelby said...

Girl you look fabulous:) Pregnancy suits you so well and love the pictures of the kiddos. Can't wait to see pictures of your little one:)