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Friday, July 1, 2011

*new* furniture.

well. first off. let's start by saying i was at the midwives office
 *today* and well...
there is absolutely *nothing* going on inside my body.

inside, meaning nothing is going on inside to prepare
for this peanut to make her way to the outside.

i know. 2 weeks early.
was i really thinking anything would be going on?
hoping. that's all.

i think it's all genetic.
i am genetically predispositioned to have late babies. :)
shouldn't i have been a doctor, or geneticist, or something?
that's all.
bottom line.
my walking an hour a day.
my swimming and doing jumping jacks and aerobics in the water.
(when no one is watching but my kids...:) )
my pill popping and tea drinking.
the things i am not mentioning.
all of it.
i am not convinced that any of it will help me have an early baby.
i do it. i guess to be a good patient.
and hope for the best. :)

so...i cheered myself up with an m & m mcflurry.
we all know i have eating issues.
like...i can't say no to ice cream when it's hot,

also predicting my baby is tiny.
but babies are usually tiny now, eigh?
that's why i want to have my baby now.
i think it would be a dream to have a 5 or 6 pounder.

give me the extra month i will probably have,
and that's where i cook up my 7 or 8 or 9 pounders. :)

on to better news.
we inherited some new furniture for around our pond.
here it is.

now...i just need to go buy some paint...
guess i will get around to my whole "to do list" afterall. :)

our friends, nik and laura, came over. the furniture came from nik. she is moving to the dominican republic for a year...and laura...i don't know what her future plans hold, but we had an evening by the pond...

i love the picture of matt and i...the smoke from the fire is cool, eigh? :)

this was the night kaden was on his fishing trip
                with his poppy.

can't really hang out by the pond without smores.
can ya?

and this picture.
well. it's totally hick. but. it's kinda cool.
no forewarning and stuff. :)

happy 4th of july weekend.
here's to cheering on my sister, meg, to pop out her baby.


Jen Sebring said...

Boooo, can't see the pics... haha not sure why. I found you via Kelle Hampton... Good luck on the upcoming beebee! :)

Missy. said...

hmmm. can't figure out why some can't see the pics? i can...i am so illiterate when it comes to computers, i shouldn't even be able to have a blog for that reason. :) ~mis.

Kendra said...

I can't see them either. tried at home and work!