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Sunday, April 10, 2011

do you see that?

yeah...that above?
it says only 97 days to go.
that's only a teeny bit over 3 months until i can meet my
new precious peanut.
it always goes so fast.
that gives me enough time to:
a) get my flower beds in order and mulch.
b) plant my garden and
c) finish the boova hut...i can't wait.
d) get bigger and TAN.
e) get kids rooms moved around and maybe painted...again??
f) get pics taken of the kids and maybe me.
g) spring clean.
h) paint all my flower pots, and plant them with fun stuff.
i) take care of puppies and sell them (they ~should~ be born this week).
j) finish up Good News Club.
k) have a yard sale?
l) get the baby's room ready...and maybe paint it? ;)
~i think it's time we have a pretty nursery here, what do ya think?~
m) go on field trips with my kids...dinner theatre and the ZOO.
~we have NEVER taken our kids to the philly zoo...i can't wait.~
n) paint some furniture.
o) paint some signs.
p) sew. sew. sew.
~was working on some cute burp rags yesterday~
q) make some more pins and headbands.
r) fit in a beach trip.
s) sit in the sun. sipping on lemonade. reading a magazine or watching
the kids play. not doing ~anything.~
t) fit in LotS of hubby and kid time before our life changes
drastically again. for the better of course. but still...changes forever.
u) purge this house. organize. and get rid of.
v) was thinking i would have a couple things. hmmm.

good night.


Kendra said...

that is quite a list! :) the zoo is fun, we have only been 1 or 2 times. may get a membership this year and you can tag along if you like!

Anonymous said...

hey what about a road trip to north carolina? emerald isle is calling your name! noah asked me yesterday if we are going to "sun" (the house from last year) with the buckwalters this summer. sadly, i reminded him no beach with the bucks this year BUT he DOES get not ONE but TWO new cousins! im not sure he liked the trade off:)

hum....and im with kendra, i was feeling a little bit overwhelmed with that list of yours....
i love you girl!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

oh missy-
you make me tired! but that's one of the many things that i love about you!!! (your "do-it" personality)

let's get "f" taken care of as soon as it's warm enough outside for smiles!