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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


a post of random.ness. that is what we will have today. because i don't feel like doing laundry. i made the girls bring it down. and here it sits. and well. i don't feel like dinner either. cereal? hmmm. we'll see.
first of all. one of my friends is having *twins*. i cannot believe it. matt said that he thought i must have said on the phone *oh my word* about 20x. ooops. but really, it was totally an "oh my word" moment. she has 5 boys. the oldest is 8 1/2 years old. see. i told ya. *oh my word*. excited and terrified to pieces for her. ;)

a twinge of sadness as i think of the little twins that were ~once~ growing in my sister in law. oh we do not understand the mysterious ways of the Lord, do we?

secondly...did i tell you that i am an understudy of the krazy coupon lady? i totally am. i went to the acme yesterday (my new favorite store because they ~double~ coupons up to $ yes. fabulous) and my bill was $77. and i paid $27. yep. you heard me. i have a ways to go, but really, i was hugely proud of that. i am saving up for a *house at the bay*. i am ~inspired~ so watch out. great things *can* happen when i am inspired. and girlfriends, can you imagine how much fun we could have at *my* bay house. huge.huge.huge amounts of fun. i got some cereal for $0.67 a box, which totally beat the $1.50 boxes i got at BBs the week before. and they were STALE. i had not gotton stale cereal at BBs in a really, really long time. i was ticked. so ticked that i am using coupons now at the real stores. ha.ha. ;)

so...that's why we can afford to have cereal for dinner. we love cereal here. ;)

i also must say that i got this 'gene' honestly. i can remember going to the Super Fresh with my mom growing up. the Super Fresh was in Coatesville, and we went there about once a month because they even doubled $1. coupons. and my sister and i could walk up and down the cereal aisle, coupons in hand, and get all the cereals we had a $1 coupon for. it's hysterical now, when i think about it...and my mom feels bad about some things like that when we were growing up, but i tell her, that i am choosing to have 5 kids, i am choosing to do the same things with my kids. and now look, my kids can only pick out cereals that are on sale, AND i have a coupon for, so we can get them for say...$0.67. that's the choice we made ON PURPOSE, rather than having 2 kids and eating cereal that's not on sale. :) there ya have it.
and. hmmm. i am huge. no lie. i just am. no shocker. this is just how i get. i like totin' babies around inside. as long as i can feel them kickin' inside i am allll good. however, it ~is~  a shame people have to tell you how big you if you don't already know. disclaimer: no one has told me that YET but i anticipate it anyday now. it's okay to hurt my feelings. ;)
oh. and did i tell you that i am soooo impressed with Octorara Primary Learning Center's reading program? Kaden was in the Title I reading program, because he was struggling a bit, and now he's not in Title I anymore. he went from a level 4 in mid-october to a level 16 currently. they test all the time. he's now on his 3rd reading teacher/class. i understand that most elementary schools do not switch teachers for reading, but i am so astounded by the level of help they get these kids so early on...and grouped with kids on their reading levels, in 1st grade. yippee to that. i have *nothing* but good things to say. and you should hear my man read now. it *almost* brings tears to my eyes. i *hate* to see kids struggle, especially my own, it's been so good, and the best part...he doesn't even know that he was struggling. that's the best! ever. and there is nothing to say he won't rejoin Title I again next year, (because i am not sending him to school over the summer. which they are recommending. i am just NOT. that's all.) it's all good. he is *loving* school and i love to see it. love it.

i will say that i will be less than impressed  as they are moving towards an all day kindergarten program for next year. devestated in fact. but...i am not in charge. and my voice is not very loud. ;) and i guess i am just very blessed that 2 of my children got to utilize the 1/2 day program, just like i did as a kid...
and i am thinking critically a lot over the things of my I Peter Bible study. learning a lot about suffering, and submission, and being saved, and always being saved? and it's really a lot to boggle a christian girls mind, ya know? we are also doing the Truth Project in small group right now, and i am ready for it to be over. it's kinda deep, and he has a lot of good things to say, and think about, but like i told pastor jon over coffee this morning, at my kitchen table, i am the kinda girl, who is okay with saying that i have faith in God, that he is who he says he is, and his Word is what it says it is. That is good enough for me. all done. ;)

okay. puppies will be here before we know it. anyone want a puppy just in time for summer. we will have them. again. will keep you posted. but millie is bigger than me, and she had 15 puppies last time. whew.

the end. ~mk.


Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa,
Aldie and Judy just shared your blog address with me, and it is so nice to see pictures of the kids and you and Matt. Things in Canada are good, a bit too cold for me, but who am I to complain, right?! ;) Hope you are feeling well with your pregnancy, and hoping that the kids are feeling better soon. So nice to be in touch with you again! And let us know if you are ever planning on coming up to Canada...we put you up for a few nights! :)
Take Care,
Sharlene Huizinga

Kendra said...

i need to do some coupon shopping with you! I only have 3 kids, but I will not buy the pricey cereals, I do let them pick but they have to be a good price before they can get them! yay for Kaden that he is doing better with reading and even better that he didn't know he was struggling, that is a great way of teaching and not making a kid feel like it is his/her fault! And more puppies, well the kids would love one but I would have to say no. we will just come visit them at your house!

Anonymous said...

I can not believe people who feel they should tell you that you are so big, so wrong!! I am impressed by your couponing!! 90% of the time I go to the store with coupons I end up forgetting to use them, TERRIBLE! Hope you are feeling a bit better.

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

oh my word on a number of levels! seven kids is exciting...thanks for remembering me...and oh my coupon craziness!
enjoyed hearing your randomness...hope all the kids are healthy again.
love ya,