easter 2011

happy easter

 take one.

take two.

take three.


Anonymous said…
Great family photos! But we can't see your bump?? :)

Anonymous said…
Adorable!!! You are Brave doing all white :) Love the Headbands also!! Happy Easter!!

Ang Stoltzfus said…
o missy-
i had about 50 takes...on 2 different days w/just my 2 girls. you guys look great!!! lots of cooperation going on. & i LOVE the all white!!!! so fabulous.
i wll send you dates;)
Kendra said…
great family shots! love the pregnant belly, so cute!
Jen said…
Beautiful family pics as always! Miss you guys! ~Jen
My Mom said…
thats great miss........love the white and i agree.....the headbands are smashing! i always loved easter sunday growing up....new dress mom and flowers from dad.
love you girl
Buzzmills said…
great pics!!! thanks for having us over last week!!
Lorena Shank said…
You all look amazing :)

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