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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a tractor ride.

so matt needed my help today.
while he hauled manure, i had to stand guard at the fence to make sure the cows didn't get out.
so the girls got to have a ride with dad, which is kind of rare.

(excuse campbell's girls are driving me crazy with their bangs.
we are growing them out, and while i can't stand them in my face,
they don't seem to mind them in theirs, and take out their barrettes
before lunchtime...driving me bazarre.)

so in between watching the wandering cows,
checking in with some girls on my cell phone,
reading my magazine, and
watching the girls...
i got to see our goat "colorful" have triplets.

i missed the first one...
she is white, and had her own sac.
but the next two, are brown, and were in the same sac...
so does that make 1 fraternal, to the identical twins?
i don't know, but it was pretty cool.

it's pretty amazing. this whole birth thing.
farm kids do have an advantage, that's for sure.
i was trying to explain it to the girls...
(not in-depth, just how amazing God is to orcastrate the miracle of birth)
campbell doesn't understand. :)

not to mention i got to watch matt and jon pull out a calf
yesterday morning.
(thankful it wasn't me having to help. i did have to help him pull one
out when i was very pregnant with calli, and it was *not* fun,
or smart on my behalf).
now...i have seen calves being born before, and even being pulled
before...what i am having a hard time with was that
my husband,
gave this calf CPR.
(funny part of the story is that the calf really was dead.
there was no heart beat, at all)
i know it's money and all,
but *REALLY*

don't we draw the line somewhere?
should i be drawing that line for him?

and he wants me to kiss him?
ugh. it's all i can think about.

guess i'll get over it.
but ewww.

and in more exciting news:
2 of our puppies opened their eyes today.
they are soooo cute.
2 weeks old on friday.

oh happy day!


Anonymous said...

Miss, all your babies on the farm are so cool!! I would love to be able to see all of the new life you get a chance to witness, although, I agree CPR to a dead calf is a bit..."yuck"

Dawnell said...

Aww, a tractor ride with dad. It was kind of rare for me, too. This post made me smile.. and miss my farm... and my family... and ok I'll stop. I'm alright, I really am. :)