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Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 puppies.

our chocolate lab, millie, has been having puppies all afternoon.
off to do more "puppy having" watching.
we are up to 9.


this is her second litter. her first litter she had 15.
(5 brown, 5 yellow, and 5 black) mostly females.

our guesses as of earlier in the week:
(i thought she was huge)
matt: 9
missy: 13
kaden, kaycee: 12
campbell: 100. :)

at 8:18 pm we are up to 11.
only 3 girls so far.
(5 yellow, 3 black, and 3 chocolate)

at 11:19 pm we are up to 12.
hopefully the poor girl is done.
she's tired...and so am i. :)

will have to post some pics tomorrow,
when my official supplement schedule begins. :)

p.s. we made it thru the first night and didn't "lose" any.
that is a big deal. the first week is crucial that millie learns not to lay on any...
we have 13 total.
(5 yellow, 4 chocolate, and 4 black)
10 males. 3 females.

millie is being such a good mommy this time around.
i mean really.
i just sit and watch in amazement and try to explain
what a miracle birth and life really truly is
to the kids...and hope they GET it.

God is so amazing.
Even my dog and puppies.
the goats and their kids.
the baby rabbits that were in my kitchen a couple days ago.
the baby kittens.
the peeps.
he is using all this *new* life to GET me...again.
(or maybe it's just because i am pregnant and feeling these animals
"pain" a little more "real-ly")
but i don't understand how others can just think
science simply explains this.

i am we need *faith* to help explain it all.
but *really* people...


Anonymous said...

Cool if we end in PA for visits next week maybe we can swing by to see you guys and the puppies!!

Kendra said...

heard Millie had quite a big litter again! hope she is doing well. poor mama, needs her rest :) hope to see them before they get to big, but I know my kids will be begging for 1 again!

Anonymous said...

yippee! that rocks! love some for me!
love you

Dana said...

Hi Missy,
We just sold our last black lab this morning and we got another call from someone locally that wants a black lab this summer. Arlan told them that you guys just had a litter and they were interested in getting ahold of you but I don't have any contact info. Would you want us to forward a phone number or email??
They sure are cute!! We've always gotten black pups but the yellows and chocolates are so cute!!
Dana Beiler

Dana said...

Sorry, you could email us at