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So times are a changing here in the King household. Almost 2 teens live here, and soon to be a bunch of pre-teens to follow. :) Trying to...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

teary and goin' down for the count.

what in the world? who would have thought pricing baby clothes for a yard sale this weekend was going to make me teary and sad? of course i am listening to taylor swift's "never grow up"  while i am doing it. that is not real smart. i will aknowledge that. picking up these little things...i can see in my mind each little baby i held and snuggled in each piece...why does time go so fast? and i got to have 5 babies. i treasure each one. each experience. i am so blessed. so blessed.

my hubs is sick. he is number 4 of the 7 of us to get the throw ups. it's quick. but still...eeewwwww. praying the rest of us will be spared. that would be kaden, karolina, and myself. please, Lord? :) my family was all together on friday night for campbell's belated birthday, and it seems there is only one family (my in-laws) who have been spared from this nasty belly bug...guess we won't be having another family gathering for awhile, eigh? :)

so...back to the yard sale. my mom, sister and i are having one together at my mom's's a development sale, but not sure how many homes are participating. you could count us as 3 houses if you would like. we are going to have a pretty huge sale, i am sure of it. pretty sure we will have any baby essential you might need, boys clothing from newborn to size 8ish, girls clothing from newborn to size...hmmmm. not sure on that, junk, :)  books, etc. etc. so...if you are bored on friday or saturday, march 30-31st...(you can even try to be an early bird...i don't know what time that might mean for us?? )   :) head on over to:

skyline drive in new holland. you will spot us. :)

and did you know that there is actually "how to have a successful yard sale" video's to watch on you tube? seriously. wow. gonna give it a shot, minus the video watching. who has time for that? i will take my chances. :) gotta run. and get some more pricing done. :) sniffle. sniffle. :(

Thursday, March 22, 2012


so with all this nice warm weather i hung up the baby swing outside.
karolina loved it and thought she was pretty big stuff.
i agree. she is. 8 months old already.  eeeeeekkkkkk.

and monday after Good News Club we were invited to mcdonalds, in parkesburg, with friends, for $2 happy meals, free face painting, and free ice cream. i don't know why i never knew about this family night special, which happens ~every~ monday night. now i know. :)

 these pictures are not real clear, but you get the picture. i guess a downfall of having a large number of children, would be that is took forever to get their faces painted. we were there for over 2 hours. eeekkkk again. :)  calli had already accidentally wiped some of hers off.

they had fun...

and the house is adorable. and ready to go. :)

what else. hmmmm.
the girls all got their hair cuts for locks of love.
i am loving them. no more fighting with how to do hair, and combing it. :)

basketball and cheerleading are over.
baseball starts saturday.

campbell's physical and dentist visits are done.
she is ready for kindergarten. :)

i painted for about 5 days straight.
in the new kitchen room.
i love it.
we got new flooring yesterday.
and i love that too.
i can't wait to get my new kitchen table, and an island
and then i will share pictures.
very excited for our new usable space. :)

campbell is getting over pink eye. karolina is looking questionable.

i started insanity.
there is a reason it is called that.

that's all for now. party on.

oh. and just to make sure no one is suspicious.
if you really listen to my playlist on here, you will realize it's all songs
about kids or babies or being pregnant.
a friend asked for the songs i had on my playlist when i WAS pregnant, a year ago, :)
she is planning a baby i got the songs together, and then decided i liked
them so much. here they are again.
besides a few of my friends ARE pregnant, so i will rejoice with them, as we anticipate
the arrival of THEIR new babies. :)

just makin' sure i am CLEAR. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012


did you check out my new pinterest button to the right? i knew this would be dangerous for me. entirely too dangerous. it is soooo much fun to get new ideas and fresh inspiration. but just sucks time right out of me. eeeekkkk. :) have lots to post but not now. soon. :)   ~mk.

Monday, March 12, 2012

* pOtTer cOuNtY *

we took off for potter county friday afternoon headed for the king cabin. there were 22 of us...mostly family, and some Canadian friends too. this is what meal time looked like. :)

 i never have to worry about matt complaining about how much stuff i pack for the kids to go anywhere, EVER again... :) he packed up our soft tub...and it made it to the king cabin for the weekend. of ~course~ it was a hit...matt's cousin phil, and wife heidi, (expecting their first baby in september, YAY. :) ) brought along this little guy, Rowan, who is a month older than kaden. it was very nice for kaden to have a little pal to play with...

a highlight was playing in the hot tub, and then jumping out and running down the yard to the creek, jumping in the freezing cold creek, and running back up to the porch to jump in the hot tub. normal behavior? i think definately not... ;)

the kids the cabin. i love the quiet of the cabin. no phone...not even cell phone signals. no t.v.
hardly ever even radio. i love to read at the mountains. although that didn't happen much this time around. to much to talk about. :) and tons of food to eat. ugh. :)

anyway...more memories were made at the king cabin this weekend.
and did you see i have a pinterest button on my blog now?
i could open one thru twitter...which i guess i will eventually close...i don't even know what twitter is good for. :) besides sucking more of my time from me, and i really don't have any to give away.
i am behind as it is. :)

and our floor is coming next wednesday.
can't wait to see what this kitchen is going to look like. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

happy 5th birthday campbell meg.

oh man. it was 5 years ago ~today~ that we welcomed our 2nd daugther, 3rd child, into the world. during campbell's pregnancy, they kept telling me that she wasn't growing, and well...of course i was...i remember being very upset, nervous and anxious...i would cry if people would ask too many questions, but with each ultrasound they recommended, and i did, was re-assured that this little miracle was growing just fine.

(if i can figure out how to use my scanner...i will try to scan some baby pics in promises. :)  )

(campbell - 19 months... holding baby calli...)

campbell was the smallest of ~my~ babies, weighing in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. my contractions started at 6:30 a.m.  we arrived at the birth center at 8 oclock, and beat the midwife, so we got to let ourselves in. :)  and campbell meg was born in the water at 8:32 a.m. matt came up just in time...he was down in the basement of the birthing center fixing something with the hot water...he must have gotton it fixed, because i did have hot water. :) it's so nice having a handy husband. :)

(campbell had taken a bite out of every apple...10 perhaps? while i was nursing calli)

(kaycee with campbell...)

it was kind of a crazy day today. back and forth. here and there. karolina, calli and i took a special birthday treat into preschool. campbell's choice, after changing her mind many times was:  ice cream sandwiches, goldfish crackers, orange juice boxes, and gummy butterflies.

she then got to spend some time with i had Good News Club to go to.
then we headed to Chili's for dinner.
they have the choice of what to have for dinner, or where to go...
i do try to slightly "coach" them to choose the latter of the options. :)

campbell has brought us much joy. she is usually full of bubbly joy, well, and when she's not...she does have a mean streak in her, so watch out. i love her laugh. it is contagious. i love her smile. i her sense of style...she picks out about every outfit she wears...those who see her, know...she puts together patterns and colors one mommy might not pick, but she pulls it off. i still trump on the holidays, for now. :) campbell is a teeny bit sensitive. she loves preschool. she loves learning. she loves.loves.loves to color, and is very good at staying in the lines. she likes fancy nancy. she loves being treated "special', one on one times are a good way into campbell's heart. she is a great sister, especially to karolina.

well's to watching your life unfold. may you always trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on ~your~ understanding...but in all your ways aknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. we love you.

Friday, March 2, 2012

my sweet karolina...


~from 8 pm until 6 am.~

i feel like a new woman.

it's amazing how good you feel after un-interrupted sleep.

i forgot.

it's been a lllooonnnggg time. :)

rejoice with me.

p.s. i rushed the rejoicing.
last night she was back to her 1am, and 5 am wakings. :)
one night was just grand though...