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Monday, March 12, 2012

* pOtTer cOuNtY *

we took off for potter county friday afternoon headed for the king cabin. there were 22 of us...mostly family, and some Canadian friends too. this is what meal time looked like. :)

 i never have to worry about matt complaining about how much stuff i pack for the kids to go anywhere, EVER again... :) he packed up our soft tub...and it made it to the king cabin for the weekend. of ~course~ it was a hit...matt's cousin phil, and wife heidi, (expecting their first baby in september, YAY. :) ) brought along this little guy, Rowan, who is a month older than kaden. it was very nice for kaden to have a little pal to play with...

a highlight was playing in the hot tub, and then jumping out and running down the yard to the creek, jumping in the freezing cold creek, and running back up to the porch to jump in the hot tub. normal behavior? i think definately not... ;)

the kids the cabin. i love the quiet of the cabin. no phone...not even cell phone signals. no t.v.
hardly ever even radio. i love to read at the mountains. although that didn't happen much this time around. to much to talk about. :) and tons of food to eat. ugh. :)

anyway...more memories were made at the king cabin this weekend.
and did you see i have a pinterest button on my blog now?
i could open one thru twitter...which i guess i will eventually close...i don't even know what twitter is good for. :) besides sucking more of my time from me, and i really don't have any to give away.
i am behind as it is. :)

and our floor is coming next wednesday.
can't wait to see what this kitchen is going to look like. :)

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heidiann(e) said...

Yay! What a wonderful weekend.
Thank you for posting these great photos!
Can't wait to see you all again soon!
Warm thoughts & hugs to all!