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So times are a changing here in the King household. Almost 2 teens live here, and soon to be a bunch of pre-teens to follow. :) Trying to...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

still alive.

this post is mostly for my mom.
she relys on my blog to keep up with my life.

you see.
she works during the day, when i can talk easily.
and she can talk at night, when my life is chaos.
so that means we don't always talk so often. :)

mom. i am still alive. :)
i have been decorating my bedroom.
learning my new phone. and taking some pictures on it even.
sewing. sewing. sewing.
orders for people, gifts for babies, and fun bobbies for my girls hair.
bracelets too.

i am having fun.

see you soon!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


are you excited to see my bedroom?
probably not. but i am excited to document it.

it is almost the last room to be "re-done" in this house.
(we only have the nursery left, which will become kaden's room, when karolina turns 2. :)
so i am waiting on that to happen before i tackle that.)

it will be 6 years this summer that we moved here,
and began the process to buy matt's family farm.

i am ready to "be done" and rest.
ha.ha.ha. who ever gets to rest, anyway? :)
rest is over-rated, right?

 photo january2013035_zps67faef01.jpg photo january2013034_zps4b5ae60e.jpg

the other reason i need to document, is to document that i am really following a trend.:)

here i am trying to explain myself again.
check out magazines and pinterest and you will see it's "trendy" to paint a door a different color
than one would "expect".
you know. to add a "pop" of color...

i LOVE. love. LOVE it.
but most, will probably not.
and that is soooo fine. and good.

so. i splurged and bought a new bedding set.
i have *never* bought a bedding set *in my life*.
(even when i went to college, we only bought a comforter...
which my sweet grandmother sleeps under currently. *love* that.)
i had great fun spending my Christmas and birthday money.
a bonus of having a January birthday, everything is still on clearance from Christmas.

i hope i love it.
i am waiting for it in the mail.
i looked. and looked. and looked in person a lot of places, and couldn't find a thing.

isn't that how it goes?
you will find something you like, when you don't "need" it...and when you really could
"use" it, you can't "find" it.

so. you will see the whole room. soon. i promise. :)

and i am going to try to paint a canvas!!
copied from pinterest, heather, of course. :)
we'll see how that goes.

and here's what i hope to tackle with some of the rest of today...

 photo january2013040_zpsc8f2011f.jpg

dress my 18 month old, who spilled milk all over her pants this morning.
she was mistaken for a boy yesterday. if only she would keep those headbands in. :(

and sort out my junk drawers.
we have a few too many. how does that happen?
organization that really works for my home.
a major thing to happen this year.

and to continue to learn how to use my new smart phone.
oh dear.
it is taking me *hours*.
welcome to the 21st century, melissa.
i know. i am very excited to have a camera on my phone now.
if only, i could learn to use it??
and watch out instagram. when i can figure out who is using my e-mail address,
maybe i can get on that. :)
it is taking hours of my time.
seems like a ~crazy~ waste of time now.
but i guess it will pay off in the end?

is that right?

and to tackle this whole house.
by painting my bedroom, the whole house took a beating.
and it is taking me forever to recover.

it has also caused a major clean out to happen.
that and the book, 7, that i am reading.
super read. by the way.
makes you stop and think about all the "stuff" we accumulate, and for what?

so. another massive yard sale this spring.
please come. :)

 more documentation on my hope list for this
new fabulous 35th year of my life.
to come.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the other day.


so i am a burlap addict.
pretty much.
that means i have a lot of it in my stash. :)
do you know they sell printed burlap now? it's awesome.ness.
i did just have some bunting up at the top of my kitchen windows.
but decided i needed something "more".

so. before women arrived for moms in prayer tuesday,
i laid out my burlap on the floor.
cut it.
tacked it up with push pins
and gathered it in the middle with a safety pin.

simple. no sewing.
and i love how they look.
10 minutes at best.

i got my inspiration here.

my bedroom is ~almost~ done.
need to paint the floor.

for some reason, a few of the wooden floors in this house, were stained,
but stained around a rug or piece of large carpet...
the rug or piece of carpet are no longer here, so i was trying to cover them all with rugs.
but. i am over that now.
so i am painting the floor, instead of trying to match stain.
seems like an easier option to me.

so. i am off to complete a friend's birthday present today.
~happy birthday kim~
  [  35 rocks so far. :)  ]
and shop for new bedroom things.
if i find some new cheap things i ~love~
that would be mostly awesome.

then. i will come home and paint.
for the 3rd day in a row.

Monday, January 14, 2013



Happy Birthday!

i don't know how i got to be 35 years old?
i just don't.
it happened today.
thank you for all of your texts and cards and phone calls and presents.
my life is wonderful.
i am blessed.
i wonder why? how did i get to be so lucky?
it boggles my mind to think about.

my day did not go anything like i thought it would.
which is good sometimes, ya know?

for starters my mother-in-law decided to come strip my wallpaper off my bedroom walls.
what an awesome gift to me.
so. with an hour's notice,
i was cleaning out our bedroom,
shoving hampers and pictures in karolina's room,
moving furniture to the middle of the room,
and cleaning up from 5 years worth of dust behind all those dressers.
quick. before she gets here to see this grossness. :)

do you move your dressers to dust back there?
i should. that's all.

it actually was the easieset wallpaper i have ever experienced coming off.
done in 2 hours. with calli's help.
done. and cleaned up.


so now i MUST decide on a paint color and get to work.
i cannot stand living like this,
  you can imagine what my husband thinks. :)

then. my mom and sister came.
my goal was to take our picture.
and i FORGOT.
my brain seems way older than 35 years. i can't remember anything. :(

the night ended with take out chinese.
(karolina has been pretty sick for the previous 24 hours, so it was actually just better to stay in.)
fighting over sloppy printing from kaden. like not legible.
how do you fix that? he just flat out doesn't care?
and a wii night.
it was awesome. we did some wii fit challenges.
mostly awesome because matt is deemed overweight on the wii, just like i am.
it made me feel better. i am not the only fat "mii" on there anymore.
it's the little things, right? :)

here's to another 35 years. i don't know that i want more than that?
i hear getting old ~really~ stinks from just about everyone.
but don't get me wrong. i will take each year that i get.
and cELebraTe.
as best i can. :)

oh. happy. day.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

family fun.

in the goose blind.

this was an evening a little over a week ago...
i look pretty huge. but i have 3 layers of pants on, and i think 6 layers of tops. :)
do you know i am always cold?
i was pretty toasty...

it's amazing what candy will do to keep kids warm and quiet.
campbell really did have fun. i promise.
don't know why she looks so grumpy here?



we had one small window of excitement.
some geese were coming in...but then i think karolina squawked pretty loudly...and they might
have caught onto our game. :(

it would have been awesome if we could have seen some up close.
i guess i understand a teeny bit of the excitment in hanging out there.
the rest must just come with the thought of relaxing, and the food and good company. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the f.l.u.

i have it.
i am cranky. and tired.
i can't catch up.

i am taking lots of rest time.
drinking lots of tea.
and pondering on the new year.
it's good for me to rest.


we hosted our last Christmas dinner of the season on Sunday.
it was fun.
family is special. it is worth it to keep connecting.
this was for my mother-in-laws side of the family.
so young moms with babies to connect with. :)
someone asked me what room i spend the most time in.
i pondered for a moment, and then answered,
"it would be a toss up between the basement and the kitchen."

kaycee was there, listening, as that is her favorite thing to do now.
she pulled on my shirt.
"no mom, it would be the office."
"what? ", i said," i  don't like spending time in the office."
and kaycee said, "that is where you spend the most time, because that is where the computer is."

gulp. swallow. that is where my daughter sees me spending my time.
while i don't think it is entirely true, it doesn't matter.
that is where kaycee sees me spending most of my time.
it sure made my heart sink.

and now i am much, much more intentional about being on the computer.
and i can do a lot of good things via computer.
 i get inspired. encouraged. update here. print out pictures of my family.
a lot of *good* things, but...
it now must happen before they are awake, or after they are in bed.
i do not want my legacy to be the computer.
that was heart breaking. :(


i just came across this. i can't wait to read it.
i have moms and sisters who are so supportive and always have been.
and my friends really do *rock*. :)
i have never felt that alone.
but i do get frustrated.
we can't find sunday school teachers or nursery workers.
"we've been there, done that" attitude. i can't stand it.
and i pray i won't get there.
where does that come from?
i crave the wisdom from moms who have "been there, done that"

anyway...thought it looked interesting.
do you know i am reading 3  books right now? that is some kind of disorder, right?
why can't i just read one?
just wonderin'.


have you bought your wrapping paper or christmas lights for next year?
just checkin'. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013


you know.
i really do think God has a sense of humor, don't you?

it is ironic that i posted yesterday about wanting to learn to celebrate in the everyday.

surprise, surprise.
i first put that into practice last evening.

chickens were leaving.
matt was able to come in and relax for a couple hours between houses,
so...we were in the basement watching a movie...

kids were tucked in and sleeping.
at 9:15 p.m. everything went pitch black.

matt stumbled his way up the steps and discovered
that this huge 18 wheeler chicken truck decided to come in our residence drive,
and took down our power lines.
and a few tree limbs along the way. :)


(it is still not known why the truck driver did this.
for those of you familiar with our driveway, it is pretty apparent which drive leads down to the chicken houses. a new driver? there were already 2 tractor trailer trucks down there, lined up in front
of the chicken houses...the driver says he thought they "flashed their lights" at him, so he thought he
should not go down that way, but the other drivers said they did not flash their lights...regardless,
the next thing we know...)

i was instructed not to move because there were live wires everywhere outside,
as, you guessed it, matt bundles up and heads outside.

talk about stressful.
when i couldn't take it anymore,
i texted my sister and asked her to pray,
and called my parents and asked them to pray...

it is an un-nerving situation to see a bunch, i want to say 5 or 6 men,
come running up from the chicken houses with flashlights screaming and yelling back and forth...
all the while i am praying for safety and protection...

celebrating in my mind the wonderful memories we have had here on the farm.
celebrating in my mind the wonderful man my husband has become.
a lot the same as when i married him, and a lot different as well.
so as i was stressed out and tearful in the pitch black, the Lord helped me remember in my mind, all i have
to be thankful for and celebrate. even in the midst of chaos.

turns out PECO thankfully came and got the truck out of the wires and pieced us back together
enough to get thru the night...

(i was watching the whole time, and heard the voltage of electricity
as he cut the main line that was entangled
in this big truck.
my man was helping the whole time. i don't know why he can't tuck himself out of harms
way at times like this??? but am thankful for such a hard working provider he is for us...
i do believe safety is not always in the forefront of his mind...) :)

 so now we wait for an electrician to come
and piece the rest of this farming operation back to life.

i did not take for granted for a second that life was protected and spared here last night.
Thank you Lord for your protection over this farm. and each person that was here last night...
and I ask that you continue to provide your care and protection over each person that continues
to step onto this property. today. tomorrow. and in the days to come.

it also spurs me on to prayer for when matt and i go on a mission trip to Chile in the coming months.
we will be gone for a week. and it would be really nice
if things went smoothly while we are gone.

so. i pray for those who will be watching/caring for our children.
for healthy caregivers and kids. :)
for those who will be watching/caring for our chickens as well.
nothing like something like this happening to put things in perspective.
you never know what tomorrow will hold. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

reflection of 2012.

so when i start a new year.
i like to pick a theme.

a word to focus on throughout my year.

this year, 2013,  i am choosing celebrate.

a few verses to memorize this year, in case i have trouble celebrating...
Psalm 100:1-5 ESV

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! Know that the Lord, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.
intentional had been my word last year, and maybe the year before?? :)
and i feel like i have learned to be more intentional
in my day to day living.
so. with that being said,
 this year, i am choosing to be more intentional in celebrating.

celebrating the joys in the everyday.

here is a recap from our Christmas holiday celebration...



2012 was a great year for us, and we will expect nothing less of 2013.
i shudder to think of how quickly life can be taken from us,
and joy stripped away.
but i cannot stay in that mindset.

we are called to live for Jesus ~everyday~
and it is my goal and intention to do just that.
celebrating each step of the way.
it's so easy to mess up, isn't it?

dropped the kids off at school this morning.
no one wanted to go. even with kaycee's "8 is great" birthday treat.
and truth be told. my belly ached a bit too.
we had such a great vacation from the "normal" routine and schedules...
it is so hard to let go.
the pressures are so great for them.

and i heard something on the radio yesterday.
someone giving advice and wisdom on raising young adult children.
the trials. the difficulties. the heartache.
and this is what i heard this woman say, "we have this mindset that they should behave better than we did.
that we can save them from a lot of pain and consequence, if they would just do it our way."

how true. how true.
so i blog. and document with my silly words and pictures.
to remember this time.
because things will not always be so easy on the homefront. this i know.
it sure won't stop me from hoping and praying otherwise. :)
but i want to celebrate and cherish each moment that is mine...
that was given to me. not to squander. but to savor.
and how will i choose to celebrate when things are hard and not going my way?
i guess we will wait and see, won't we?


(a fraction of our cards. getting the mail is not nearly as fun now. :(  )

hope your Christmas was filled with much joy and love and celebration...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the goose blind. and Happy New Year!!

i still didn't share my Christmas 2012 pictures.
i am already starting the New Year behind.
yikes. :)

sure i will have a new year's post coming soon.
give me a minute to catch up. :)

hosting another party today.
this is moppy and poppy king's party, but offered to host.
i think only 21.
should be a breeze. :)

did you do anything super fun to bring in the New Year?

here are some pictures of the goose pit that matt and kaden have spent MUCH, much time in
this season so far.
it's in a neighboring friend's field.
i guess a source of fun? stress relief?
i am not sure? i don't entirely have it figured out, why it would be fun to freeze your butt off,
in a big cement pit underground, waiting on geese by chance to fly by, to shoot them out of the air.

(can you find it??)
apparently, it is.
i will go sometime. to try to grasp this fun time. :)

it is nice they take their sons sometimes. :)

(Grady Yerkes, Grant Yerkes, Jake Hershey and Kaden King).
(how about now??)

the big lid slides back and the hunters shoot to the moon                    
and hope a goose falls out of the sky.                   
they do get very excited.                    

(Payton Engle, Austin Kurtz and Kaden King)