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Saturday, January 12, 2013

family fun.

in the goose blind.

this was an evening a little over a week ago...
i look pretty huge. but i have 3 layers of pants on, and i think 6 layers of tops. :)
do you know i am always cold?
i was pretty toasty...

it's amazing what candy will do to keep kids warm and quiet.
campbell really did have fun. i promise.
don't know why she looks so grumpy here?



we had one small window of excitement.
some geese were coming in...but then i think karolina squawked pretty loudly...and they might
have caught onto our game. :(

it would have been awesome if we could have seen some up close.
i guess i understand a teeny bit of the excitment in hanging out there.
the rest must just come with the thought of relaxing, and the food and good company. :)

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Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

i am learning so much! had no idea these existed. what a FUN family memory! a real life fort.