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Thursday, January 3, 2013


you know.
i really do think God has a sense of humor, don't you?

it is ironic that i posted yesterday about wanting to learn to celebrate in the everyday.

surprise, surprise.
i first put that into practice last evening.

chickens were leaving.
matt was able to come in and relax for a couple hours between houses,
so...we were in the basement watching a movie...

kids were tucked in and sleeping.
at 9:15 p.m. everything went pitch black.

matt stumbled his way up the steps and discovered
that this huge 18 wheeler chicken truck decided to come in our residence drive,
and took down our power lines.
and a few tree limbs along the way. :)


(it is still not known why the truck driver did this.
for those of you familiar with our driveway, it is pretty apparent which drive leads down to the chicken houses. a new driver? there were already 2 tractor trailer trucks down there, lined up in front
of the chicken houses...the driver says he thought they "flashed their lights" at him, so he thought he
should not go down that way, but the other drivers said they did not flash their lights...regardless,
the next thing we know...)

i was instructed not to move because there were live wires everywhere outside,
as, you guessed it, matt bundles up and heads outside.

talk about stressful.
when i couldn't take it anymore,
i texted my sister and asked her to pray,
and called my parents and asked them to pray...

it is an un-nerving situation to see a bunch, i want to say 5 or 6 men,
come running up from the chicken houses with flashlights screaming and yelling back and forth...
all the while i am praying for safety and protection...

celebrating in my mind the wonderful memories we have had here on the farm.
celebrating in my mind the wonderful man my husband has become.
a lot the same as when i married him, and a lot different as well.
so as i was stressed out and tearful in the pitch black, the Lord helped me remember in my mind, all i have
to be thankful for and celebrate. even in the midst of chaos.

turns out PECO thankfully came and got the truck out of the wires and pieced us back together
enough to get thru the night...

(i was watching the whole time, and heard the voltage of electricity
as he cut the main line that was entangled
in this big truck.
my man was helping the whole time. i don't know why he can't tuck himself out of harms
way at times like this??? but am thankful for such a hard working provider he is for us...
i do believe safety is not always in the forefront of his mind...) :)

 so now we wait for an electrician to come
and piece the rest of this farming operation back to life.

i did not take for granted for a second that life was protected and spared here last night.
Thank you Lord for your protection over this farm. and each person that was here last night...
and I ask that you continue to provide your care and protection over each person that continues
to step onto this property. today. tomorrow. and in the days to come.

it also spurs me on to prayer for when matt and i go on a mission trip to Chile in the coming months.
we will be gone for a week. and it would be really nice
if things went smoothly while we are gone.

so. i pray for those who will be watching/caring for our children.
for healthy caregivers and kids. :)
for those who will be watching/caring for our chickens as well.
nothing like something like this happening to put things in perspective.
you never know what tomorrow will hold. :)

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Shelby said...

Oh man girl, yikes you have alot happening at your house. I will be praying for you guys. Glad that everyone is safe and unharmed.
If you need anything or I am hoping you have heat, please, please come over. Love ya, Shelby