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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the f.l.u.

i have it.
i am cranky. and tired.
i can't catch up.

i am taking lots of rest time.
drinking lots of tea.
and pondering on the new year.
it's good for me to rest.


we hosted our last Christmas dinner of the season on Sunday.
it was fun.
family is special. it is worth it to keep connecting.
this was for my mother-in-laws side of the family.
so young moms with babies to connect with. :)
someone asked me what room i spend the most time in.
i pondered for a moment, and then answered,
"it would be a toss up between the basement and the kitchen."

kaycee was there, listening, as that is her favorite thing to do now.
she pulled on my shirt.
"no mom, it would be the office."
"what? ", i said," i  don't like spending time in the office."
and kaycee said, "that is where you spend the most time, because that is where the computer is."

gulp. swallow. that is where my daughter sees me spending my time.
while i don't think it is entirely true, it doesn't matter.
that is where kaycee sees me spending most of my time.
it sure made my heart sink.

and now i am much, much more intentional about being on the computer.
and i can do a lot of good things via computer.
 i get inspired. encouraged. update here. print out pictures of my family.
a lot of *good* things, but...
it now must happen before they are awake, or after they are in bed.
i do not want my legacy to be the computer.
that was heart breaking. :(


i just came across this. i can't wait to read it.
i have moms and sisters who are so supportive and always have been.
and my friends really do *rock*. :)
i have never felt that alone.
but i do get frustrated.
we can't find sunday school teachers or nursery workers.
"we've been there, done that" attitude. i can't stand it.
and i pray i won't get there.
where does that come from?
i crave the wisdom from moms who have "been there, done that"

anyway...thought it looked interesting.
do you know i am reading 3  books right now? that is some kind of disorder, right?
why can't i just read one?
just wonderin'.


have you bought your wrapping paper or christmas lights for next year?
just checkin'. :)

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The McComsey Family said...

I hope you soon feel better, Missy. We have the bad colds in our family.