my sweet karolina...


~from 8 pm until 6 am.~

i feel like a new woman.

it's amazing how good you feel after un-interrupted sleep.

i forgot.

it's been a lllooonnnggg time. :)

rejoice with me.

p.s. i rushed the rejoicing.
last night she was back to her 1am, and 5 am wakings. :)
one night was just grand though...


JAne said…
YAY!! I know doesn't it feel glorious! I think it's something in the air, b/c we had one of the best nights sleep last night too!! no dream wake ups or anything! Enjoy your beautiful day!
Angela said…
Wish I was experiencing that feeling with you :) But I do rejoice with you - you totally deserve it!
Shelby said…
Amen, hallelujah, Enjoy it girl:)
Ang Stoltzfus said…
that's so how it goes isn't it?

j-girl still hasn't gotten it down.

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