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Sunday, March 25, 2012

teary and goin' down for the count.

what in the world? who would have thought pricing baby clothes for a yard sale this weekend was going to make me teary and sad? of course i am listening to taylor swift's "never grow up"  while i am doing it. that is not real smart. i will aknowledge that. picking up these little things...i can see in my mind each little baby i held and snuggled in each piece...why does time go so fast? and i got to have 5 babies. i treasure each one. each experience. i am so blessed. so blessed.

my hubs is sick. he is number 4 of the 7 of us to get the throw ups. it's quick. but still...eeewwwww. praying the rest of us will be spared. that would be kaden, karolina, and myself. please, Lord? :) my family was all together on friday night for campbell's belated birthday, and it seems there is only one family (my in-laws) who have been spared from this nasty belly bug...guess we won't be having another family gathering for awhile, eigh? :)

so...back to the yard sale. my mom, sister and i are having one together at my mom's's a development sale, but not sure how many homes are participating. you could count us as 3 houses if you would like. we are going to have a pretty huge sale, i am sure of it. pretty sure we will have any baby essential you might need, boys clothing from newborn to size 8ish, girls clothing from newborn to size...hmmmm. not sure on that, junk, :)  books, etc. etc. so...if you are bored on friday or saturday, march 30-31st...(you can even try to be an early bird...i don't know what time that might mean for us?? )   :) head on over to:

skyline drive in new holland. you will spot us. :)

and did you know that there is actually "how to have a successful yard sale" video's to watch on you tube? seriously. wow. gonna give it a shot, minus the video watching. who has time for that? i will take my chances. :) gotta run. and get some more pricing done. :) sniffle. sniffle. :(


Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

yeah three out of our four kids threw up too! yuck!
i will pray that it spares these mamas!:)
And i didn't know you guys were having a yard sale...maybe I will have to come check it out! :)
have a great week!
love, Heather

Anonymous said...

hey girl,
rae barfed in her sleep. guess if she's going down, thats the best way. not going to dad's today. that's ok, up to my ears in laundry. so do you have a back pack you or meg are getting rid of? cute 2T clothes for rae? oh yea, i need a single jogger too. why you'd be getting rid of those things when you have a younger one i don't know but...... let me know...i might come