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Thursday, March 22, 2012


so with all this nice warm weather i hung up the baby swing outside.
karolina loved it and thought she was pretty big stuff.
i agree. she is. 8 months old already.  eeeeeekkkkkk.

and monday after Good News Club we were invited to mcdonalds, in parkesburg, with friends, for $2 happy meals, free face painting, and free ice cream. i don't know why i never knew about this family night special, which happens ~every~ monday night. now i know. :)

 these pictures are not real clear, but you get the picture. i guess a downfall of having a large number of children, would be that is took forever to get their faces painted. we were there for over 2 hours. eeekkkk again. :)  calli had already accidentally wiped some of hers off.

they had fun...

and the house is adorable. and ready to go. :)

what else. hmmmm.
the girls all got their hair cuts for locks of love.
i am loving them. no more fighting with how to do hair, and combing it. :)

basketball and cheerleading are over.
baseball starts saturday.

campbell's physical and dentist visits are done.
she is ready for kindergarten. :)

i painted for about 5 days straight.
in the new kitchen room.
i love it.
we got new flooring yesterday.
and i love that too.
i can't wait to get my new kitchen table, and an island
and then i will share pictures.
very excited for our new usable space. :)

campbell is getting over pink eye. karolina is looking questionable.

i started insanity.
there is a reason it is called that.

that's all for now. party on.

oh. and just to make sure no one is suspicious.
if you really listen to my playlist on here, you will realize it's all songs
about kids or babies or being pregnant.
a friend asked for the songs i had on my playlist when i WAS pregnant, a year ago, :)
she is planning a baby i got the songs together, and then decided i liked
them so much. here they are again.
besides a few of my friends ARE pregnant, so i will rejoice with them, as we anticipate
the arrival of THEIR new babies. :)

just makin' sure i am CLEAR. :)

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Shelby said...

You go girl with the painting, yikes 5 days straight? When on earth do you get to sleep? Are you painting late at night? I can't wait to see pictures. My kitchen is almost done, I am waiting for my Uncle to finish the backsplash. Then I am DONE:) Love the girls haircuts:) Instanity, yikes girl. My sister just started that and said it is "crazy." Which one are you doing? I really should do something, maybe ummmm soon since summer is coming.