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Friday, April 1, 2011

this mommy's day.

was hoping to do something fun with the kids today
as they have off ~again~ for an inservice day. ;)
(i am not complaining, i really do like when they have just seems
like they just had an inservice day).


started with a solo trip to a few grocery stores
to see how much $$$ i could save. ;)

(was totally inspired by the krazy coupon lady the other day on the
nate berkus show...cut someone's bill from $400. to $39.
i am NOT kidding. this lady rocks.)

was gone 1 1/2 hours.
(and did save some mad money by the way.)

walked in the door to my calli
who is 2 1/2 years old
(and proving to be my most nixy kid yet)
overflowing milk into her cereal bowl
 and milk crawling off the table in every which way and direction.

kaycee...who was apparently supposed to be watching calli
(while matt was at the chicken house)
was commode-side vomitting.

so...unloaded groceries and decided to take kaycee
to a new urgent care facility in Gap we had gotton a flyer for.
(matt had to leave for the i had 1 1/4 hour window of opportunity to get moving without having to take the other 3 along...)

so glad i did.
her strep test came back
in an instant.

poor peanut.

~background was kaden was home sick last week with cough, fever, and sore throat. kaycee started not feeling well tuesday night, with fever and cough. stayed home from school wed. wed. night started complaining of a sore throat, sent her to school thur., seemed to be doing better, did not have a good night last night overnight, and when i came home to see her puking, decided it was time to get her out of here...on another side note, calli was also up several times in the night, pulling on her ear, so i suspect maybe i should have taken her too, but we will try an all natural home remedy for ear infections first~'s to hoping my other 3 don't get strep,
as well as the other 16 children we exposed last night at small group,
as well as her whole kindergarten class yesterday.


now i am going to prop my feet up in front of the tv
and chow down on some leftovers
and an icy cold ~coke~ cause it's my favorite.
all because i want too.
my life is grand. i know.

happy snowy rainy day.
what's up with that anyway?

p.s. and now i am feeling a little bit guilty about calling calli 'my most nixy kid yet'. that ~may~ not be true. who is to say that i am not just way more busy now, with 4 kids, in a 5 yr. span, than ever before in my life...i would have ~never~ thought of leaving a 2 1/2 year old kaden or kaycee with a 6 or 7 year old babysitter, even if it was just for 10 minutes, while i had to run down to the chicken house to check on something. you know? and i am probably going to give both my sister and my mom heart attacks in saying that...but first, my mom forgets what it's like to live on a farm, life is just very different, and you won't really understand unless you are living it out, and well...meg...she just won't ever get it. ha.ha.ha. ;)

and...i did love the new urgent care center for what it's worth. granted it is brand-spanking new, just opened sat. so everything was crazy clean, we walked right in...took a little longer than usual because i had 3 pages of paperwork to fill out, but they saw us quickly, with a super nice, cute physician's assistant, who even gave me amoxicillan right there, so i didn't even have to go to the pharmacy. sorry dr. kochel...but for strep, they got ya beat. big time. :)


Kendra said...

strep stinks! i had it this year and was in the worst pain ever! hope noone else gets it and she is better soon. how was the new urgent care center? I have gone to the LGH clinic in walmart, is good too!

Shelby said...

You crack me up... I totally get it:) UMMMMMMMMMM today my two girls ummmm poured baby power all over their room. It was like a big puff of baby power that was everywhere. Thank God it was not a brand knew full powder, but still. Yikes... that was while I was in just the next room surfing for beds from Pottery Barn. That will teach me:) Just when I think they couldn't possibly get into anything they amaze me. Other day it was perfume..... Geezzzzzz