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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

kaycee's book.

so kaycee, 6, is in kindergarten, and loving it.
she is very creative.
she spends hours a day coloring.
she likes to "teach" campbell, 4,  how to read and write right now,
and thinks she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
she is a pac-rat. in a very, very bad way.
she enjoys reading, and writing, painting, crafts...
she is very different than her brother in this way.
she doesn't really want anything to do with sports.
much more of an "arts" kind of girl.

here is the latest book she painted:

pocudot (polka dot).


Hret (heart).

waw (wave).

flower dezin (flower design).

Hret dezin (heart design).

Frat bol (fruit bowl).

dezin (design).


i throw a ton of stuff away. it gets crazy.
all the girls in this family just color and paint and create so much ~stuff~.

okay. off to do dinner and homwork with kaden.

happy rainy night. ~mk.


Kendra said...

Kaycee and Francesca are so much alike! Teaching their younger siblings to write and just drawing away! Is so cute! and yes, I throw a lot away too! :)

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful paintings!! she is so artistic! I know what you mean about being a pack rat!! Violet is too, we try to throw things away but she wants to keep it all and then when you end up throwing something away without asking her she invariably remembers it after it's gone and it becomes a problem.