another day. that's all.

we actually dyed eggs yesterday. i was trying to figure out if it was really worth all the work. i guess it was? :)


my garden.
isn't it beautiful?
my strawberries are slowly taking over the whole thing.
thanks to our kind neighbor who came up and tilled it for me. :)
thanks jay...*really* appreciate it!
and then they had my kids down to play *today*.
they had so much fun.
next time, our turn? ;)

so...can't wait to plant my garden.
ohhh. sigh. what to plant?
(ha. i plant the same things every year...all easy stuff...)
tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, get the idea.

i got this sign~age from an uppercase living party a couple weeks ago
and *finally* got it hung today.
pretty easy.
i think i like it.
very true around here.

did you notice all the clean laundry on the floor?

a different pile was three times as big last night,
and my precious mom stopped over~on their way home from anthropolgie~
and *folded* it for me, while we were at an easter dinner.
talk about sweet~
and a *total* blessing...

all i was starting to think about by 8pm,
was having to come home and feed the puppies and fold like
10 loads of laundry.

thanks mom. *huge* act of service there. :) i am totally and completely wiped.
i got a lot done today.
but not near my list.
didn't i tell you i was done with "lists"?
i hate them.

still have that pile of laundry to fold
as well as iron the easter clothes for tomorrow,
but i am thinking the ironing will wait til morning...
and the rest of the list will just have to wait til monday.

wish the clothes would.
the puppies are fed.

sleep good.


Dawnell said…
Wow, I bet that was nice to come home to all that nicely folded laundry! You are one busy lady.. kids, coloring eggs, puppies, a garden, a big farm house.. go Missy! Sounds like a blast! Sometimes I feel like complaining because I have to share a house with 13+ ladies (and I think sometimes--well, a lot of times--how nice it would be to have a little place of my own), but then I remember how nice it is that I only have kitchen cleanin' duty one week every 3 months or so. Happy Easter! :)

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