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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

what i've been up too.

well, besides having swimming lessons every morning last week, and finishing up this week, i have been getting some things done. i am officially in the "nesting" phase of this baby thing. ;) but will be very happy when i am not using up my morning running to swimming lessons. although it is a joy to see my kids learning to swim and enjoy the water, despite a very trying start for campbell...i am talking screaming for 3 days straight during the lessons...yesterday, my mother in law offered to come watch the kids at swimming lessons, and then take them home for lunch, and then deliver them to our home just before nap time. thanks moppy. i got sooooo much cleaning done. i love how it looks at just this moment...which granted, won't last long.  :)

today we (the girls and i) spent the afternoon with my sister, and her kids, at her in-laws swimming. it was a great day, and i should be posting all the video i took, but it's not put together yet, so maybe tomorrow?  :)

kaden got to go on an overnight fishing trip with his poppy. he had a great time, and we had fresh grilled fish, that they caught, for dinner. ummm. i am getting some interesting stories from the trip... :)

so...instead, just a few "around here" shots...

i think i am ~almost~ at the place where i am liking my flower beds...
in that, i have something blooming, for me to cut, all summer long.
i love fresh flowers.
they brighten my day...
and completely inspire me.
(side note...i did need to stop and buy these sunflowers.
2 for $1 in new holland, on my way home from the pool...
mine are not "blooming" quite yet...)

a little furniture re-arranging, for the pregnant lady, is always good. ;)

i was going to wait to post all the picture collages i have going on right now...
but then i figured it might be awhile,
so the new little peanuts photo will be included,
just as soon as she arrives...

(calli...above...just under a week old)

(top right to left...calli, kaycee, campbell and kaden, bottom left)
one thing i am trying to get better at, is memorizing scripture...
i have a lot posted throughout my house,
to try to help and inspire me. :)
and i saw this particular idea (above) elsewhere,
~thanks to red letter signs~
and stole it, of course. :)
i like to pray this scripture
(from I Samuel 2:26 i think?)
over my kids as i go up the steps...
i glance at their pictures,
and i read the canvas...
(canvas credit to aimee weaver...hugely creative, artsy, and very reasonable)

these turquoise frames have been my latest project...
gotton from a yard sale last year,
for 25 cents each...they ~were~ ugly brown...
and just now, i painted them. :)

so this collage is upstairs in my hallway,
and i it.
of course the empty frame is just "waiting" patiently...
~photo credits to ang stoltzfus for most of the photos...who is also hugely creative and talented
and reasonable as well.  ;)  ~

lastly i picked up this brand new book at the library today...
it's called
~praying your way through your pregnancy~
by jennifer polimino and carolyn warren.

it is fabulous.
if you are pregnant,
and you are my friend,
you might just get one from me. :)

it's that good.
i wish i had it from the beginning.

something from the book:
     ..."i know that we read technical and medical information in books and on internet sites about everything that's happening with our bodies, and we even read about all the things that could possibly go wrong. there's a wealth of information to discover, but i ask you this: when do we read that we can experience God's presence in the delivery room?
     when do you hear about bringing your baby into a room filled with the prayers and praises of Jesus? and what about having the Word of God spoken to you as encouragement while you're in labor? i can't help but believe this is the way it should be!
     now please don't misunderstand: i am not advocating home birth over a hospital birth. both coauthor carolyn warren and i delivered our babies in a hospital. but that's not the point. whether your baby comes at home, in a birthing center, in a hospital or on the operating table via c-section (like carolyn), the Lord's sweet presence can be right there with you in a real way.
     has it occurred to you that God might come into your delivery room and surround you with His peace and love and make your delivery the most wonderful spiritual experience you've ever had? how awesome would that be?"

a little encouragement for my sister and i, as we anticipate and kind of dread the actual labor part of meeting our little girls. we can't wait, but think it would be kind of neat, if we could snap our fingers and be thru that part. :)


Megan said... the little bit about the book...I am inspired and ready to deliver TONIGHT...thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for hanging out today...we had such a great time (and just for a side note if you post ANY video of me in my suit at 40 weeks preggers you are in serious trouble). Praying for the baby gilrs as I turn in tonight.xoxo meg

Anonymous said...

love the turquoise frames!! looks great!

Kendra said...

love the photo collages,that is on my list this summer too! I love the stands in NH w/flowers. stopped 2 x a week for 2 weeks last year when the kids had swimming lessons. Owen will go this year too, I am afraid he will be crying as well. Wouldn't stay at Kiddie Camp (good news camp) today, came crying after me! so much for my morning to myself!