Urban Outfitters' owner ruffles feathers in Chester County - Philly.com

so...for those of you who know me, know that i get a little bit crazy over rich and famous people. i don't know what in the world it is, but they totally intrigue me.

yesterday matt and i went on a tour of the property that is spoken about in the article i have attached. totally wild. we got to go, because we went with friends of ours, who have a friend, who we also know, that works "here".

so this morning, of course i had to google, richard hayne, who is the founder/owner/operator of urban outfitters, which also owns free people and anthropologie...one of my favorite stores to "copy" ideas from. :) so...this rich and famous man, lives in my backyard, and i got to tour his properties yesterday. yeah...i am totally cool, i know it. :) ha.ha.ha.

now, i am off to the acme to use my double coupons to see what i can get for nearly free. :)

check out the article below...it's even more fun if you are familiar with where we live, here in little 'ol chester county, pennsylvania...

Urban Outfitters' owner ruffles feathers in Chester County - Philly.com


Ang Stoltzfus said…
o my word. was that before or after our husbands had lunch together? SO MUCH FUN to see the place!!!! was it fabulous? more details please.
Kendra said…
wow! i love anthropologie and urban outfitters. how cool!

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