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Monday, June 27, 2011

summer 2011.

so...i am sitting here this morning, sipping on my red raspberry leaf tea...after an early morning walk with some local mommies i am getting to know...popping evening primrose oil caplets, like they are hopes of coaxing this baby out early...and if not early, then quickly.

i don't know if any of it "works" but i am too scared "not" to try it, since i have done this with the last 3 babies, and all i know is that my labors are fast, and that's what i am after. :) i am not willing to "fore-go" the natural things, in case they really do work, and help ripen my body for what is to come. i am still having high, high hopes of delivering early...although i have never been blessed with that opportunity...why i think my 5th child, during my 33rd year of life, will be different, i don't know...i am still just hoping Jesus will bless me in that way. :) my sister is also hoping for this...but her time is quickly escaping, as her due date is on thursday...

all that being said, i am treasuring this pregnancy, taking in every last little detail, as this will be the last time...we have a baby. the last time i get to carry life inside of feel her moving and kicking inside me, is something that i will miss. i treasure it. i love it. i know full well what a blessing it is, a blessing not all women get to experience.  i love wearing all the cute maternity clothes, and squeezing into what is not, and seeing how it hugs my belly...will i be sad when it is all over? surely, i will be, babies are my thing, my joy, but am counting on the chaos and transition of it all to help whisk away this child bearing period in my life...

all that to say, only sweet Jesus knows when i will get to meet my sweet girl, and it's probably all silliness to him...

and off to the reason of the post...the kids and i made a list of things we would like to do this summer, and i thought i would share it with you...we have already accomplished quite a few, and i am thinking intentionally about finishing the list regardless of having a newborn in tow...we'll see how that plays out for me. :)

Summer to Do ~ 2011.

 1. go out for ice cream~ often. :)
 2. go to the playground~ often.
 3. go to Miss Wanda's pool.
 4. homeschool~ they came up with this one. :)
 5. campout.
 6. make smores over the campfire.
 7. make homemade ice cream.
 8. go to the beach.
 9. go to the Philadelphia Zoo.
10. have a baby...:)
11. finish swimming lessons...this is our last week. :) they are learning so much!
12. complete the local summer library reading program...goal...before baby. :)
13. go on a train ride...with our free library passes. :)
14. sell ~ALL~ the puppies...just 2 left, reduced to $350 ya all.
15. have a movie night with popcorn, on the pull out sofa. in the basement.
16. go mini-golfing.
17. have a "cousin only" campout at the pond.
18. have some sleep-overs.
19. memorize included. :)
20. go to Bible school.
21. go to a rodeo.

okay so...we are making a ~dent~ in it anyway. :) here's to a fun summer!  ~mk.


Anonymous said...

missy, you are doing a great job on your list, impressive!!!Did you see the ziploc bag ice cream making recipe in Family fun this month? I think we are going to try that, haven't yet out soulemama's post today...she's back from her time "off" and it's another nice post...she had been having some guest posts which were quite inspirational as well! Have a great day!

Kendra said...

great list! are there any local rodeos? I know the kids would love that, me too! I also loved loved loved being pregnant. Loved the way my body looked, the clothes and growing a baby inside me. I did not have short labors, fairly long ones with the boys and not easy, but I was always early(5-10 days) so I guess it is a trade off.