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Friday, June 17, 2011

the beach.

so. i ran away to ocean city, new jersey, with a friend,
 on wednesday morning.
and came back last night at 7:30 p.m.
i took not ~one~ picture.
that's how much vacation i was on.
serious relaxing.
no thinking. like none.
this is where we stayed.
we walked in.
asked for vacancy for 2.
and i am getting so much like my husband, i said,
"would you stay here?"
she smiled and assured us that she would.
and then offered us 30% off the room.
why would we even bother to step out of that comfy place to
try to find a better deal.
it was wonderful. and we could even check in right then.
super. fabulous.
and then we hit the beach for the next 2 days.
sunny, beautiful days. if being away at the beach with another mom friend
doesn't bring up enough "worry" conversation about
marriage and kids, and the wonder of the Lord,
there was a very small group of senior week kids there.
who happened to park their half naked partying bodies right behind us.
just continued to make me worry a little more of
when i will be out of this stage, my favorite,
into the unknown of letting your kids go.
to make their own scary choices.
(i suppose i have already started that stage by sending my kids
into the public school system,
but so far, we are thrilled with how that is going.)

i usually give kids the benefit of the doubt and
try to believe the best in them.

these kids. were not so lucky.
they were sitting amoungst families. with young kids.
all around.
and all they could do was talk using filthy language,
leave trash behind,
and were completely un-impressive with every move they made. :(

met a family sitting next to us.
mom and dad. with 5 boys.
we laughed at her 5 boys, and my 1 and almost 4 girls.

in the midst of a really good fictional book,
which i usually only read at the beach,
so now i have to hurry up and finish
before i am stuck in the rat-race of life again.

there is something about the beach.
it gets me every time.
what encouragement i got as i walked the boards at 6 in the morning
and watched a beautiful sun rise into the sky.

thanks glenda for coming along with me.
to get one last respite trip in before my life changes again,
and thanks to matt and mom and kristy for taking such good
care of my kids.
they had a great time here without their mommy!
a good reminder that we all can use a break once in awhile...

i am feeling full and blessed,

~happy 11th anniversary baby~

despite all of our many differences
there is no one else i would rather have as my partner in life.
to share this crazy journey with.
thank you for all you do for me and our family.
you work very hard to provide for us
and i am a very blessed woman...
xoxo. ~me.


Anonymous said...

ooo, glad you had fun at the beach!! And, happy anniversary!!! And, your fabric for your bag is in the mail on its way to hopefully it won't be too long until the finished product is on the way to you!

Kendra said...

glad you had fun! saw how tan you got in that one day, lucky! I love the beach and could sit out all day with a good book. Hate when teenagers are like that, Jason usually says something to them. I need to be more "Brave" and do that too! Happy Anniversary!