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Friday, June 10, 2011


we love our cousins here. i love that. our cousins are still the best in life right now. even over friends. i love that too. it might not last, and that's okay. i was sorting thru ~all~ the kids papers that they are bringing home from school right now...and these made my heart smile.

~from kaycee, dated 2-4-11~

(i invited my cousins over to my house. we had fun.)

(and this is the picture that went with it. love it, especially the earrings.)

~then these were the first couple pages of kaden's 2nd, 1st grade journal~

(my cousins are my friends. they  play baseball with me. my cousins are fun.)

(my cousins house is cool because they have 3 boys. and a pool.)
~sorry zion.~

kaden's papers are referring to my brother, matt's kids, who live in n. carolina.
they are very doting with him and give him lots of attention.
he spent 2 weeks there with kaycee last summer,
exactly one year ago,
when matt and i went on our 10  year anniversary motorcycle trip
across the country.

i still cannot believe that happened. :)

who would have thought that the very next summer we would be anticipating
the birth of our 5th child.

~wow~ that's all. ~wow.~

very sad this summer as my buckwalter family is
going on a beach vacation.
the expected birth of our baby falls around the time we would
normally go, and my parents decided not to go this year. :(
which means neither are we.

some pics from years past to fill my heart until next year.
i am not holding my breath.
i know all good things come to an end.
and i think that somehow it just won't happen again.
a girl can always hope though. :)

(sorry. couldn't resist. came across this from last summer,
overlooking the grand canyon. )

(and this was from our trip last summer too.
just made me laugh.
all of our self portraits while driving on the motorcycle.)

all in all.
i should not complain.
i know i had enough vacations last year to last a lifetime.
~well~ not really. but pretty many. :)

happy weekend.

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love said...

i was looking for an old post and followed a comment you left to here. =)

your family is beautiful! =)