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Friday, June 3, 2011

calli. better.

thanks for all of your prayers for calli. she didn't have a real great day, but really seemed to turn around this evening. poor thing. she ate 3 huge helpings of mac n cheese for dinner, and even some ice cream tonight. her mouth still looks herendous, but not nearly as raw looking as even this morning.

you can see in this pic some of the sores that are on the outside of her face. my other kids had never gotton the sores on the outside, only the inside, she was blessed to have a really bad case a guess...

since she couldn't suck on her nuk for the last 5 nights, i think i decided we might be tossing them. you can pray i have enough courage to do that. i am a *huge* nuk fan. i usually prefer to take the nuk when they are three, and then i feel like i can reason with them a little bit more...(however, that did kind of blow up in my face with campbell, as she was stealing calli's nuks well after she was 4)...regardless, i love the long nap times the nuk affords me, and the easy bedtime routine...and i am not sure i am ready for calli to not take a long nap, so we'll see how this works. totally selfish i know, but long naps could be great when i am tired with a newborn. :) i also had this all planned out...i was going to have calli potty trained before the baby came, which she ~almost~ is, and let her have her nuk until after the baby, as a security thing. so...maybe she'll just do really, really well, and i won't have to feel guilty about it at all. what do ya think? :)

okay. i am off to bed. i am exhausted and whiney.

have a great night's sleep. ;) ~mk.

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