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Thursday, June 2, 2011

sleep out.

so...we haven't had the best of weeks. lots of work. very little play. calli being pretty sick, and still is. have no school tomorrow, so kaden (7), kaycee (6) and campbell (4) get to sleep out in the tent with daddy, while i get to sleep inside, well, shut my eyes for a few weary minutes, before dealing with her all night crying~every 2 hours or so...they were sosooooooo excited. hopefully it goes well. :) seems awfully windy and chilly out tonight for me...

calli still has ulcers everywhere on her tongue, throat and mouth. she ate 4 pieces of shredded wheat this morning, 2 bites of cheese and that's it. no popsicles or ice pops. no ice chips. some water, milk, and kool aid, with much, much prodding from daddy...mommy's begs and pleading were not working so well. :(

so...continue to pray for calli. she is not sleeping well. she cries a lot, but hopefully we will see a turn around soon. i think she is probably border line dehydrated, but she still has tears, so i count that a good thankful i am not dealing with a newborn on top of this!  ;)    ~mk.


Kendra said...

hope poor calli feels better soon and that you get more sleep tonight! how fun sleeping in a tent!

Matthew said...

hey miss
we are praying here. i remember ezra getting a horrible case when he was around 2. noah newborn, ez couldn't such on his nunnie, therefor couldn't sleep, therefor no one did. dear mark was living with us then, he got a rude awakening to life with kids:) guess it didn't do any damage since he has four now:)
i love you and will keep praying!

Angie Myer said...

Sorry to hear about this Missy! I'll be praying for Calli & for the rest of the family too!