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Saturday, June 18, 2011

the pond.

we have another big project going on down at our existing pond.

our dream is to make it a nice pond...
with clean water, and some sand, and a place where we
can camp out and have picnics.

so we ventured down there yesterday to check it out.
the water is pretty dirty, but the kids obviously didn't mind.

the kids were looking for fish...and daddy found this cool frog.
lots and lots of tadpoles swimming around.
what is the difference in a bull frog and a frog anyway?

just another view of our farm and the school...
from the pond.

we made this cool fire ring.
everyone took part gathering rocks from around the meadow.
that was kinda fun.
you know how you dream of doing cool family things together,
so when times get tough, you hope some of those things pop in their minds.
someday, we hope to roast hot dogs and smores here.

some machinery still around.
i think matt said there were 150 loads of dirt hauled in here
over the course of a few days last week.
dump trucks just kept coming in the drive, one after another.

and now we can use our kyack.
daddy was giving rides.

campbell wasn't too sure.
but she rallied.

here's to more memories made at the farm.
hopefully we can host a cousins sleepover down here soon.
wouldn't that be fun? ;)

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Ang Stoltzfus said...

wowsers! another project. you guys are being very ambitious around there. i didn't even know that you had a pond. fun fun fun! now you will have even more reasons to be tan in the summertime! ;)