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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the Ymca.

there is a reading incentive program at the public school we attend.
if the children read a certain amount of minutes/per day/per month
and their parent signs off on it
they get a reward day.

that day was yesterday.

kaycee got to tie dye a shirt and play on a moon bounce and have recess.
(at our school we don't have recess in our half day kindergarten program).

the first and second graders got to go to the local YMCA for the day.
very much fun.
you know why?
a lot because i got to go along,
and spend the day in the sun.

~ pure love-liness ~

don't get me wrong, it was a roll with the chaos kind of day.
i think there were 252 kids there. ;)

the teachers were very cute. trying to tell me how tired i looked
and to go sit down and relax. they thought i should sit in the shade...
until i let them know that maybe the ~only~ perk
to being pregnant in the summer
for me, anyway,
is being able to have tan fat instead of white fat.

it does make a big difference in my  world.
call me shallow, it's fine.
just how i roll.
tan is ~always~ better in my book.
(especially when my ankles have completely disappeared and my
flips are tight on my swollen feet.)

so...finally i did. bask in the sun.
and chatted with a bunch of moms while
our kids splashed and played
with lifeguards on duty.

it was rather hilarious.
not really, but kinda.
if the kids wanted to swim in the deep water they had to pass a swimming test.
a challenging swim in my book for these little guys,
but none the less.
lots of kids lined up.

and jumped in the deep water.
~even~ when they couldn't swim.
i kid you not. went right under the water.
swinging and waving their arms about, flailing and choking out water.
lifeguards-whistle blowing-jumping in to save them.

do you know what i mean?
it wasn't really funny, but it kinda was.
don't know if it was a no fear factor, or they really thought if they
just moved their arms fast enough, that it would work out for them?

my 3 oldest kids are signed up for swimming lessons. :)
the first week of summer.

so...some pics.

we didn't take the test.
chose to stay in the kiddie pool and the shallow end.
which is where most kids ended up. :)

this is my friend karen with her son andrew.
andrew is a good friend of kaden's.
they play sports together and go to our church.
andrew was a little un-impressed with the swimming.

they took some swim breaks, and had games and some craft projects.

thanks moppy for watching the girls.
i know it was a long day for you. is so short. what will i value?
time is so limited. what will i value?
we mothers can accomplish only so much.
what will i value?...
~a mothers heart, by jean fleming.~

i was again reminded how lucky i am to be a stay at home mom.
and to have family around
to watch my kids
 so i can go play at field trips
with my other kids.

i was giving an old high school companion, now teacher,
a hard time for not having her suit on.
just so happened she was on her way into the bathroom
to "pump" for her baby she leaves behind every day
to come teach my children.
"the way of a working mom", she said, as she chuckled and walked on by.

i am very thankful for all the working moms out there.
just completely blessed it doesn't have to be me.

stay cool. enjoy the sun.
and bring it on summer. bring it on.

and fyi...i am trying out this new song site.
don't know how i will like it?
no worries on this taylor swift song i picked.
i just loved this 11 year olds voice.
i know nothing about music. but i liked her.
the song has no relevance to my life right now.
don't get worried. ;)


Kendra said...

sounds like you had fun! I hope to go next year! Parker told me about the swim test, which he tried, but told me he drowned! Ha! too funny, I wouldn't have tried at his age, too much fear I guess. Glad they can experience new things without worrying about failing or being embarrassed. and I am guessing the teacher you are talking about is Mrs. Zajac? we so love her, hope Francesca gets her next year!

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

you crack me up...tan fat is better than white fat!:) ha! you look great for mothering four almost five kids! love ya and see you sat.