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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

some fishin'.

zion and noah, 2 of my 4 nieces and nephews from n.c.,
were here yesterday. poppy (matt's dad),
came over and took noah and kaden
fishing at a neighbors pond.

they caught 4 catfish, and brought them back to our pond.

this is the only picture they got at the pond.
noah caught 2,
and poppy and kaden each caught 1.
they were tickled. all of them. :)

so then we walked down to our pond to "set them free".
did i mention millie loves to swim down there.
everyday. several times a day.
funny to watch her swim.

i wish i had the audio to what these girls were saying to each other.


i am getting ready for the baby.
i know i shouldn't...that's probably why i go late all the time.
i am always ~really~ ready.
just can't help it.
i get so excited to think about it.

some wonder if i mind being pregnant in the summer.
no. actually i don't.
i kind of ~love it~.
only because i have a slight addiction to the sun.
if i can be ~tan~
i am a much happier girl.
if i can go play, (not work), ~just kidding~ in the sun,
i am a much happier girl.
yeah...i get hot.
but isn't everyone hot right now?

i normally set up my pack in play, with the bassinet,
downstairs save me running up and down the
steps all the time the first couple weeks.

this time...after i had it all set up.
i tore it down.
and toted it back upstairs.
i decided to convert my dry sink into my changing station.

it can totally work, right?
now...which diaper bag to use. ;)

shhh...i have a yard sale addiction too.
did you know that?


and don't forget these cute little guys...

they are so hard to take pictures of right now...
they just want to run and play.
and jump and chew. on you. or your shoestrings. ;)

don't ya want one?
we have 6 left.
yay. just 6. not 13. ;)


jodi said...

Well we are having a yard sale on Saturday if you want to stop by to feed your addiction:) LOTS of girl clothes...although you may already have enough!

Kendra said...

love that last little puppy! maybe one day we will get one, just not now(if ever :) )!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I totally wanted to have a dry sink for our changing table but I couldn't find one that we could afford and that would be safe enough to put a babe in!!! so cool! didn't you use that dry sink for Kaden too? I feel like I remember that from the dining room in Christiana. Anyway, between you, Soulemama, and a friend of ours who just announced that they will be having their third (3girls under 3) in Nov...I have babies on the brain!!!