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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the graduating class of 2023.

today was the last day of school for us. yay! it was also kaycee's graduation from kindergarten...they introduced them as the graduating class of 2023.

what? crazy. and she's not even my youngest.
so the graduation years will sound more wild as we continue on. :0)
(you will have to pause the music at the bottom, if you want
to actually hear some of this little ceremony.)

so my double chin is really shinin' thru here...
but i couldn't get real picky, because campbell took the picture.
take one. got it. good.

so...i had wanted kaycee to wear a cute little dress and put her hair
in french braids for the big day, and guessed it...
"but it's not YOUR graduation day mom, it's mine."
so she did her own hair, and picked out her own outfit
because my mom and sister made me feel so guilty the last time,
when i insisted on what she wear, and did her hair. :(
it's going to be a looonnnggg 10 years with this one. :)

and kaycee with her teacher, mrs. schempp.
kaden also had her for kindergarten, and we couldn't get any luckier.
we have our fingers crossed for in 2 years when campbell gets to
come to kindergarten.

(kaycee was just crying a few minutes before this picture.
mason's mom came up to me and told me she couldn't wait to see who
kaycee was, because he comes home everyday, and tells her how pretty
kaycee is...he just doesn't stop talking about her. kaycee got
~COMPLETELY~ mortified, and busted out in tears.)
so...yet another talk. :)

looking forward to a fabulous summer.
that starts tomorrow when i head to the beach. yay.
and the kids are here with mam-maw, kristy, and daddy.
thanks guys. ;) xoxo. me.

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Kendra said...

Congrats Kaycee! I know the battles with clothes, Francesca did tell me the night before that she would wear whatever I wanted her to wear, yes! She cried before the Father/Daughter dance b/c I made her wear a dress that I thought was more appropriate. I felt mean, but she got over it :)
love your necklace, did you make it?