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Friday, July 29, 2011

the pond.

the pond has been a fun project...i was able to finish painting all the furniture we inherited from our friend, nik, who took off to the dominican republic for some missionary work, for a year...that's another post, but anyway, finished painting...a couple days before karolina was born. actually matt may have had to do some final touch up work...i keep forgetting to ask, but regardless, i am very, very pleased with how it turned out...

the pond is going to be a fun, fun place for our family to enjoy and retreat too. a peaceful place to sit and enjoy. matt was reading the paper down there this week, as he listened to the chirping bull frogs. :)

karolina and i walked down on wednesday to watch the rest of the family enjoying it...matt got some pictures with his phone. :) so...they are not so great...but i am down with being real about how i look these days. :) our friends and neighbors the Yerkes' just got this spring wagon...and chris came to our small group picnic the other week...i believe it was 2 days before my due date...maybe? i lost track of time...anyway...he was giving us all rides.  i thought this picture a crack up. it's nice to see i look a little bit smaller now. :)

so...there you have it. somehow i changed the font color...oh well.
karolina had a great night. went to bed at 10 pm, and i woke her to feed her at 3 am.
not normal. but i will take it for one night. :) or many if she chooses. :)
i actually feel much better now that she is here.
i felt much more tired being pregnant, than i do now...
yay. i love her. i love them all. :)

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Angie Myer said...

Hey Mis! The pond project does look like fun! The kids & I have been keeping cool in the stream lately, they could spend hours down there! I'm glad to hear Karolina is doing well! Take care!