we are doing so good.
matt is being very, very helpful, which is helping this transition to
go as smoothly as it can. :)
i also know she is only 3 days old, and i could
change my mind about this transition by tomorrow. :)
and i love that it is summer, so the kids can go outside when
they are getting too stir crazy inside, and...
well...karolina is just a dream.
she is very content so far.
we are so blessed.


Shelby said…
She is beautiful Mis:) Let me know if you need anything. Maybe when my kids start school we can get together for breakfast or coffee:)
Sabrina said…
She's beautiful! Congratulations!
Dawnell said…
Que hermosa (How beautiful)! Glad to hear Karolina and all of you are doing well! :D
Jen said…
Congrats Miss! She's breathtaking - but then again, aren't all of God's creations?! So happy for you. ~Jen
Holly said…
I'm so glad everything is going so well. Lily is very content as well. I feel so calm since she is... Of course, I can't imagine 5! I think our family is complete with 2 :-)
morgan ann said…
Missy, Karoline is absolutely beautiful! i can't wait to meet her. Sending prayers your way.

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