we're sick.

okay. so. i lied.
i am now asking you to pray for us when you think of us.
i was up with kaden most of the night last night
because he was throwing up...
and well...i wasn't feeling so good myself.

so...we rested today.

and he seems like he is getting better.
keeping gingerale down now and toast.
it's the little things, right? :)

but...now...kaycee threw up.
so...i am dreading another night up with a throwing up kid.
(i really hate throw up...really)
and am now thinking it's just going to go thru the ranks.
boo. hoo.

kaden's 8th birthday is Sunday.
hhhhmmmmm. :)


Kendra said…
sorry to hear that missy. we are away tomorrow, but let me know if you need anything on sunday. we will be around. just txt or call my cell. i will email it to you.
mom mom Susan said…
I will pray for you and the family - NO MORE THROWING UP - God!
Ang Stoltzfus said…
what on earth missy??? this cannot be happening! you are about to deliver & need to be in full strength. ok....i am praying all of the time. (maybe it's heat exhaustion?) but maybe not if it's getting passed around though? ahhhhh. praying that your needs would be completely met! HE is faithful. love you lady.

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