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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a mother's prayer for week 40.

okay. so. this is it.
i think this is my last post.
before. the BIG post.
announcing our new arrival.
you are all sick of hearing about how late i am.
and how nothing is happening.
and i am sick of dwelling on the painful part of what is to come.
before. the BIG exciting post.
so...we will end on this note.

my hampers have never been empty everyday.
until now.
my to do list.
has never been so checked off.
until now.
granted there will always be stuff on that list.
but really. it has shrunk.
my kitchen is cleaned everynight before bed. that night is ~the~ night.

the nursery is ready and waiting.
for pete's sake, my diaper bag is picked out of my stash.
and stocked. ;)
the swing is waiting and ready...with a doll in it most of the time,
but still.

we are excited and just can't wait. :)

dear Lord,
this week was the week of my due date. i thank you for helping me make it to full term in my pregnancy. i am looking forward to welcoming my baby into our home. Lord, please help my baby come at just the right time. ( no worries there, cause if i was in charge, she would be here by now...) :)
bless my labor and delivery. give the midwife and nurse wisdom to make all the right decisions. help me be strong during delivery. help me trust in you. i pray that your sweet presence would fill the room with joy as i deliver the baby and we welcome her into this world.

Lord, i know you are a good God, and i choose to put my trust in You. be with me now and every moment of the day. let me be aware of Your presence with  me. reveal Yourself more to me so i can know You and love You more.

Thank you, Lord
In Jesus' name. amen.

(taken from: Praying through your pregnancy
by: jennifer polimino and carolyn warren)


Anonymous said...

hey momma
can't wait to greet my new little niece! blessings, blessings, blessings are you anticipate her arrival as well.......i love you girl!

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

loved the prayer and the upside of nesting....getting lots done! ;)
love you and praying for you!
love, heather

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you, dear Missy, and your lovely baby. My prayer is that you can focuss on the joyful moment when your baby's head rests on your chest for the first time. And when those tiny fingers grip your hand so tight that you never want to let go. The Lord will be with you. And we will await to hear the wonderful news that an angel has arrived.

Holly said...

Missy, I hope your baby girl arrives quickly...well worth the wait :-)
Yes, pitocin was a little rough...I didn't have an epidural with Lydia but decided I didn't feel like dealing with the pain but in the end, it was all natural :-) Thank goodness the pain goes away once that little baby arrives. I'll be praying for you!!