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Monday, April 22, 2013

matt's progress.

matt continues to do well.
his staples and stitches were taken out on friday.
his brace was also unlocked, so he can bend his knee as he is able.
he is also allowed to take his brace off to sleep.
(i think that's a bit early. he's glad i am not his *real* doctor or therapist). :)
but that is allowing him to sleep a little bit better.
he was also switched from narcotics to another less intense med,
so he is able to drive if he needs too,
which has been a great help already this morning. :)

a continued thank you to all who are helping us survive this season.
i say survive because that is what we are doing.
we are trying to live thru it well.
but somdays it is challenging.
i will be the first to say:
there are days where i don't have enough energy to shower. for pete's sake.
my flower beds are full of weeds.
so is my garden.
my windows are still  mostly clean. :)
my laundry is up to speed.
i do make it to the grocery store.
my meals have not been great.
i count it as awesome that we all eat. and exercise.
and are bathed and clothed pretty much
on a daily basis. :)
chickens are happy and taken care of.
feed spill is fixed.
my bed is not made.
sink is full of dishes.
i am off to run errands.
my floors are filthy...although my mother in law was sweeping them for me this morning. :)
kids homework is done and handed in on time.
baseball games are being played.
piano is rarely being practiced.
yard sale finds sitting on my table.
yes...i got to go to my favorite yard sale of every year!!!!
praise and worship music rings thru my house.
we can't find a library book.
bills just got paid.
my desk is a total mess.
i am tired.

thanks for hearing me this day.

i wonder how much different my list looks than most of yours.
maybe a lot. maybe not?
hope yours in GRAND. :)

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Shelby said...

Your house is fabulous anytime I have stopped by:) Beside YOU have alot of your plate, more than alot of others. You are a hard worker and a child of the King:)