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Thursday, May 2, 2013

the art of learning from a being on a losing team.

well. we all know that once you have kids.
life is different.
we can agree, right?

kaden is on a little league team this year.
as he has been since he was 6 years old.
but this year. he is on .
 a losing team.
they haven't won a game yet.
that means they are 0-7.

 photo may2013022_zpsd12b7893.jpg

 it is disappointing.
disappointing for the coaches.
disappointing for the players.
and who is going to lie.
disappointing for the parents.

we have heard it all before.
it's not about winning.
it is not about winning.
 but it sure goes a long way to win a game or two.

i am trying hard to raise a son of honor.
what does that look like, for my 9 year old?

 photo may2013023_zps829594dc.jpg

for me...
it means turning the other cheek when his "friends" are taunting him for losing all the time.
it means walking away and being silent if you have nothing nice to say.
it means telling the opposing pitcher, who happens to be your friend, and struck you out, :)
that he pitched a good game.
it means picking your head up. wiping off your tears. and trying again next time.
it means doing your best, even in adversity.
it means stop complaining about everyone else, and work on yourself.
it means being encouraging to your fellow players.

 photo may2013025_zpsafc9af60.jpg
 [andrew koennecker, broden king and kaden]

these are all life lessons that kaden is not going to master in his 9th year of life.
who am i kidding?

i do not have these skills mastered, and i am his mother, and 35 years old.

i have such high, wild expectations for what i can teach my kids.
the task is overwhelming and can easily stress me out.
i have got to keep myself in check.
what am i modeling for them?

work on myself, right?


 photo may2013024_zpsba8b2d45.jpg

and an update:
now the giants are 3-7-1.
feels much better for all of us.


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