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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


i have never been so frustrated in my life.

well. probably. but it sounds good for now.

i cannot get any pictures to download off my phone.
and now.
i resorted to my "good" camera yesterday.
and now i cannot get any pictures off of it either.


i am putting off going to the phone store.
but now.
maybe it is my computer.
i h.a.t.e. technology when it doesn't work.
because i am too illiterate to figure it out.
boo. :(


on another note.
life is good.
i hate this cold weather.
hate it.
 i put off planting my garden for another week. this is crazy.

 photo may2013005_zps8eb60444.jpg
[this girl, karolina, 21 months, is a total crack up. soooo much personality. and tantrum throwing. she understands waaaaayyyy more than i give her credit for. :)  she takes her pants and shoes off all the time. gets interesting around here.  ]

matt's knee is healing very, very well.
he is really ahead of where he should be strength wise.

people still ask if he is in therapy.
absolutely. yes. he is. :)

it will take up to a year for his bone to grow around the attachment site for the new tendon they put in.
this doesn't mean he will be in therapy for a year.
but 3-6 months is "normal".

the tendons that tear, are a lot of times in the patients who
"think" they don't have time for therapy. so. they stop.
they stop too soon.
and then wonder why they need another surgery in a year.

i expect him to be in therapy for a few more weeks...
yes. he is working pretty regularly now around the farm.
but even in his manual work, exercises in therapy are very different in how they work the muscles.

he is very disappointed he is unable to ride his motorcycle.
it's not the "riding" part that would be too difficult.
it would be holding up that heavy bike getting on and off.
and pushing it backwards, with his legs and feet, while sitting on it...
does that make sense?

 photo may2013004_zps13194410.jpg
[meadow tea is back in full swing...taking over some of my flower beds...which there really are plenty to take over, but still...we happen to love meadow tea. a childhood memory for me...]

the last house of chickens will leave wednesday.
so i have had a week "off" of chicken duty already.
now. i wonder what will fill my time. :)
this morning, i have been back on blogs.
i really am encouraged and inspired.
i gleen so much information, ideas and wisdom...

i expect i will be helping out with chickens on a more regular basis now.
which is fine.
matt has always wanted me to be more involved. so. that i will be. :)

will also encorporate kaden and kaycee more this summer. as part of their chores.
something that is always stressed at each of our children's conferences
is that our children have a strong work ethic.
my husband *gleams* when they say this.
it is amazing. all 7 teachers have mentioned this, with each of our children.

 photo may2013003_zpsb3065bd7.jpg
[campbell, age 6, almost done her kindergarten thrilled i took her out of school at 12:15 p.m. everyday...i really believe it's just too much pressure for the littles. she is not behind. she is doing great. her new "hair choice" from the ticket prize box at school. doesn't it look great???]

school is winding down.
lots of 3rd grade projects going on.
field trips coming up.

baseball is winding down too.
they have won a few games.
kaden has had a couple really super games.
hitting triples and doubles. pitching well.
that tickles me. when things come together for him.
not always do they. but sometimes. :)
a couple wins go a lonnnng way. :)

i did say to matt last night.
"i really should have borrowed a 9 year old for a year, before i decided to become a mom."
kaden was crying in his bed. last night
pitching was difficult in last night's game.
he walked 3 guys. and was taken out.
never mind the 3 he struck out the inning before...he didn't think about those. :)

 photo may2013009_zpsce177101.jpg
[kaden, age 9 1/2, pitching...they still play a lot of different positions...he is big and stocky...and is really a good pitcher when he can stay focused...he is a good hitter too, when he can connect with the ball. running, well. he's not so fast. :)  ]

i now understand my mom's words when i was having childen in farily quick succession years ago.
"these will always be your children."
"5 is a lot."

yes mom. yes mom. :)
i get it now.
if only i could have frozen time when karolina was born.

Mother's Day was super.
i  got a bike.
whoo. hoo.

those of you who know my husband and i,
know that that is a super huge deal.
his favorite line on mother's day is, "you are not my mother."
and questions why on earth he would get me a gift.
soooo....i was greatly surprised to get a bike.

 photo march2013608_zps34520896.jpg
[kaycee, 8, will start gymnastics this summer, with campbell...we are alllll excited for summer to come.]

i happened to be walking thru walmart a couple nights before, with the kids.
i saw a super cool bike, and told them, "you could always get that for me for mother's day."
and kaden was listening.
and told his dad.
i also got some super awesome hand made cards and other things, which i will pack away.
to pull out on days when they are 16 and not listening and mouthy.
just to remember they really do love me. :)

I had my parents for lunch. and matt's parents too.
and then we had my niece's birthday party in the evening.
we went late.
i was beat.

but a good beat. :)
it was a fun day.


here's to my headache going away.
getting this huge pile filed on my desk.
i would show you a picture to encourage you, but i can't. :(
cleaning a bit.
and who knows what else??
and getting my pictures to load.


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