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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


so while i am drowning here in my own self pity.

[kaycee was diagnosed with strep this morning, and
my doc called in a prescription for kaden
this evening...
he prompty threw up his medicine all over the basement floor...
all the while my grandma lays in a bed, just hanging onto life.
my laundry piles are overflowing...
and we are preparing for peeps to arrive on friday and monday...

oh. how i have enjoyed my 3 weeks off of chickens. :)]

we will never understand the ways of the Lord, will we?

i must stop and think a minute about how much i have to be thankful for.
thankful for my life. for my husband. for my kids.
my health, my family and friends.
for my home.
the list of my blessings is really rather extravagent...


oh. the tragedy that struck Oklahoma yesterday is devestating to think about.
the images make my stomach roll.

so. i will tuck my kids in a little tighter tonight.
pray for the people of oklahoma who are feeling such desperate loss.
pray for those who will touch their lives in deep ways i will never be able to grasp.
pray a little more for my mom and her siblings.
hug a little more intentionally.
and clean up eruptions, that don't make it to the potty, with a happy heart.
and maybe, just maybe, a smile on my face tonight...

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