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Thursday, May 23, 2013

my grandma met Jesus today.

well. there is not much else to say.


she hung on longer than we expected.
[you can read my first post on my grandma, and memories i have of her here. and the second post here.]

almost a week from the day hospice care started.
it was exactly a week, from the day she woke up,
and told the nurse she was going to die that day.
she was always a fighter.

thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers and kind words.
it was kind of a long haul sitting by her bedside.
but it gave a lot of family a chance to say goodbye.

some of us, more than once. :(

she died peacefully.
really. she was mostly peaceful throughout the week.
thank you Jesus for that.

what a rally.
but now.
 it's over.

rejoicing she knew Jesus.
and is finally rejoicing in heaven.

thinking about the legacy she left behind...
and what that looks like for me.

how will i live my life differently because of all that i learned from her life.
from her. and pappy too...


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